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Who Won?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. Dat Kid

  1. [​IMG]
    This is for the WWE Championship.
    Cage Match
    - No interruptions (only contenders can post in the thread), match will last for 2 hours of unlimited promos .

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.

  2. *Dat Kid makes his from his locker room to the stage, giving himself a good slap before stepping out.*

    Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 170lbs. He is from Asbury Park, Newwww Jersey. Dat Kiiiiiiid!

    *Kid stares out at the crowd, nodding with approval before charging out to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope*

    Announcer 1: This match undoubtedly will be memorable with so much controversy underlying it. Dat Kid was essentially thrown in to this match when Aids Johnson left the IWT and forfeited his championship belt. Senhor Perfect, who has a rematch clause for that match chose to cash it in at Extreme Rules, where we are tonight. A couple months ago Dat Kid faced off against Aids for a shot at Senhor at Wrestlemania...

    Announcer 2: Which he lost if I may interject. Dat Kid has had the worse losing streak in the history of the IWT and he is facing the man who has held the most titles at the same time.

    Announcer 1: But you're forgetting that Kid has beaten Senhor on multiple ocassions, once in a tag match, the other in a one on one.

    Announcer 2: Oh c'mon we both know Kid was lucky in both those matches and Senhor isn't going to lose tonight, he's just to damn Perfect.

    Announcer 1: Well we'll find out tonight as the stakes are high for both these men. Senhor being on a bit of a slump since mania and Dat Kid getting his first ever one on one match for the WWE Championship. Neither of these men can afford to not leave it all in the ring tonight.

    Announcer 2: Speaking of high stakes, lets not forget about the steel cage that's looming above the ring right now as Dat Kid waits for Senhor Perfect to make his entrance.
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  6. Coincidence...a lot of people can say that this match right here is nothing but coincidence. The fact that if I had beaten Aids two months ago this very match would have been headlining Wrestlemania 29 and not Aids vs Senhor. Some may call it sheer luck that two general managers who've spent the better of nearly 3 months arguing with each other finally agreed on one thing, and that was putting me in this match. You can say me finally getting a one on one WWE Championship match is nothing but an act of desperation by this company to put someone empty void that Aids Johnson has created in the WWE title scene. Senhor will be the first to tell you that me beating him twice was nothing but a stroke of luck and I'll be a man right here tonight and firmly say that agree with him 100%. I shouldn't have beaten Senhor, but by some miracle I managed to do it not once, but twice. The fact still remains that I have the most losses here in the IWT, for those of you have lost count, it's 4-8. However I find myself in front of all of you tonight in the main event, at a PPV called Extreme Rules, which is severely in my favor.

    I thought about this before walking out here tonight and I had an epiphany...what if it wasn't luck or coincidence. There comes a time when you look at all those things that have happened in the past few weeks and you can no longer call it coincidence. The fact that I am here tonight in the main event of Extreme Rules, facing the man who I could have faced at mania, for the title that has eluded my grasp for nearly 7 months, in a one on one match *points to the cage looming above* where my opponent can not run from me like Gohan did during his reign...*looks at the camera* Gohan, how's sitting on your couch feel like? The environment is, to quote my opponent, "perfect". Tonight the deck has been shuffled, the cards have been dealt, and as I look at my hand I'm not saying lady luck is on my side because the way I see it, I've been counting cards this entire time.

    So now this goes to Senhor. You're gonna come out here and still say this was nothing but luck, you're gonna tell everyone that I'm a jobber, you're gonna tell everyone that I couldn't get the job done against Aids. Well let me remind you of something that we have in common. When it came down to when we both needed to beat Aids, neither of us got the job done and that's just the fact that you and I are going to both have to live with. However, I also have something in common with Aids, we both have

    Senhor, when I look at you, I look at a man who nearly lost everything in a single night. The man who held a record, four belts in one night lost nearly all, the one belt he kept was because his opponent didn't show up. That night was completely opposite for us, because while you were losing left and right, I was ending the losing streak.

    I have been in this company since it began and if the day comes where the other guys...somehow manage to take us down like so the unwise prophet Aids has said, I will be the last man out of this ring. Can the same be said for you?

  7. *Senhor walks down the ramp looking to be in the best shape of his life, he walks down quickly and straightforward, not high fiving the fans as he usually does. He seems to be getting a mixed reaction these days. some fans chant "Sen-hor job-ber" He grabs a mic, and looks first into the crowd and not at his opponent.

    I've been such an idiot! Since I arrived here in IWT, I've done nothing but do my best and try to appease these animals in the crowd. They'd say jump, I'd ask how high, I was at their beckon call. Sure, at first it seemed to work in my favour, I was the most decorated champion in IWT history, the first and only triple crown champion ever. Then came WrestleMania. I was no longer their flavour of the month, they turned on me and spat in my face! I poured my damn heart out to you asses, took on 4 title matches in one night, and for what? To be snickered at catcalled? I lost 3 of 4 titles that night and thought it was the worst day of my life. Well, that put me down a spiral of depression and angst. Which brings me here, to my opponent tonight.

    I took that match with you Kid, as a warm up to my rematch against that deserting, lucky prick who ran away before I could get my hands on him again. I gave these blood suckers, these supposed "fans" another chance to show their appreciation for my hard work and loyalty. How did they repay me? You were there, non stop BS. So no Kid, you weren't lucky that night. You didn't beat me, I beat myself. For too long I've allowed others to dictate how I should react. Until i realized who I'm really doing all of this family.

    After the match against you I went home dejected and lost. As I walked through the door my little daughter came up to me and said, "Daddy! Daddy! Did you win?" I had to look at her sparkling little eyes, hold down the lump of bile built up in my throat and tell her, no honey, Daddy didn't get the job done tonight. Then I had to break the news to my pregnant wife. Visibly upset she claimed she didn't know how we were going to pay our new mortgage without the Champion bonuses that I was previously receiving. Do you know what that feels like Kid?


    Losing to you helped me realize it was time for a major change. I knew I had to stop being a clown and step up my game. So from then on I just watched and laid out Aids at every opportunity, trained my ass off, and ignored everyone who called me out. I don't care about my reputation, I don't care if people think I don't show my face enough around here. What I do care about is that title sitting between us. Not because i want to call myself champion, but because with that belt comes the ability for all my family's dreams to come true. I will stop and nothing, NOTHING! To get it here tonight. If I have to beat you until you're a bloody corpse, I will. If I have to rip that FRO out of your head one single hair at a time, I will.

    My dad once told me that there are two types of people you never fuck with. A mother protecting her children or a man with nothing to lose. I most definitely fall into that latter category Kid. I am not to be fucked with right now, you could put an army of people in front on me and I'd tear them down one by one to get at that title. I'm giving you a chance to leave now before you get yourself hurt.
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    Dat Kid are we doing multiple or just one?
  9. You want me to leave? Did you forget something? I'm not going anywhere because this match, it a steel cage match. *Dat Kid signals for the cage to be lowered*

    I never thought I would see Senhor Perfect like this...because you some how managed to get worse in between mania and now. The Senhor Perfect I knew is not the man that stands in front of me tonight. The Senhor in front of me tonight is a man who doesn't know how to take a few losses, so he curled up in a ball and started crying about all his problems. This isn't the former triple crown champion ladies and gentleman, I don't know where that man went to be honest and I do apologize for the man who stands across the ring from me today. The reason I apologize is because these people expected to see a fight and quite frankly, as you are now, you can't do that. Senhor you broke a rule that all wrestlers have and that's keeping your personal life away from this ring. You want to come out here and talk about how you let your family're letting your family down right now. By the look on your face right now, it looks like you're about to break down into tears as we speak. Well let me tell you something Senhor, this is the IWT, and the people in that locker room all go through hardships, myself included. You want to know the difference between us and you. We don't come out here and complain about our lives because it's soooo hard. We come out here like men and we trample on each other to get to the top of this business because we all know an IWT contract isn't guaranteed five years from now and what then, what happens to the people you care about. You want to complain about how you're struggling now, you should be grateful that you have an opportunity to rectify that tonight.

    ...I don't have the opportunity to rectify that tonight because in order for you to do've got to beat me. You've got to beat a man you have never beaten before and a man you will not beat tonight, in a match that is catered to his style of wrestling. It's kind of convenient for you to come out here and say that you beat yourself in our one on one match. Think about it, the guy who has lost the most, beat you...hell I would say the same thing if I were in your shoes, but I'm not justifying it..not at all. That match was booked as Senhor Perfect vs Dat Kid, as much as your ego would like to think otherwise, there was another man in that ring other than yourself, it's the man that beat you, it's the man standing across from you in this very ring right now. In the IWT there is no such thing as beating yourself, when you come in this ring, you step in the ring with an opponent who is thirsty for your blood and will take you down at a moments notice. Beating yourself is something you do in your spare time when your surf the internet when your family isn't home.

    Senhor I have defeated you twice and I don't care if people call it luck, you beating yourself, Santa giving me a christmas miracle, or you just having the inability to control your bowel movements keeping you from performing well in the ring. The record books still say Dat Kid - 2 Senhor Perfect - 0. At the end of this match that's going to change. You may have come here in better shape than you've ever been, but inside you are a broken man, who'll soon have a body to match.
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  10. 3 a piece, even though it says 2 hour unlimited if that's ok with you
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  12. There's my point right there. I was keeping family life and what happens in this ring separate. I was once like you, a clown performing before the masses awaiting their approval. The difference between you and I is that I've learned how stupid that was. The fuel the ignites my passion are the people that care about me as much as I care about them. Not people that have to live vicariously through me because they don't have the guts or the talent to do it themselves. Also, you're absolutely right, this is not the same man that was the first triple crown champ standing before you. This is a focused, stronger, smarter, and remorseless Senhor. Improved in every way possible. I'm not taking a backseat to anyone or anything anymore!

    You rode Vicky's coat tails to the tag team title. It was basically a handicapped match, but that's history and frankly I couldn't care less. You got what was coming to you thanks to her. Embarrassed in front of millions. I will say, however, that you're wedding incident still wasn't as embarrassing as my loss to you. So tonight I do rectify all of my past mistakes Kid! The only crying that's going to happen tonight is going to come from all the Dat Kid fans after they see your lifeless body lying in the middle of this ring.

    Keep pandering to the crowd Kid, see how far it gets you.
  13. Excuse me if I fail to see how keeping my personal life out of this makes me a clown. There is nothing about me that makes me a clown. I come here each and every night to lay it on the line for these fans. I break bones and then as soon as I get out of the hospital I say "alright lets do it again", not because I want the fans approval. There are plenty of people in the back who do the same and don't get anything from the fans, people like you. The reason for that is because you're self-centered and it shows past any gimmick that could ever be put on you. You're just a fake person Senhor, these fans don't give a damn about you because you don't give a damn about them, not the other way around.

    As far as the tag titles goes I wasn't riding anyone's coattails. If it had been a one on one match I would have beaten you at mania too, just like I did after mania, just like I'm about to right now. You want to talk about riding coattails, how about you talk about how I took you under my wing, gave you the attention that you craved made you what you are today. There's no coincidence that since you have turned your back on me and thought that you could make it out here on your own simultaneously you lost everything you've ever owned. However there are no hard feelings and I've expressed this to you before, but tonight despite your motive for this match you will not be winning tonight.

    See for you this about providing for your family and this is going to sound crude, but your family is going to die, you're going to die, I'm going to die, everyone dies. The only thing that lives on is a legacy and my legacy is right here in the IWT. There is no other wrestler who waves the IWT flag as fiercely as I do and there is no one more synonymous with this business than me. Despite that I have never been the WWE Champion, the most prized belt in our business and god knows how long it took me to get this match. If I lose here tonight, chances are I won't get another shot in a long time and I'm not going to die waiting for another one on one title match. I may die tomorrow or years from now, but tonight my legacy will be born and it will thrive for generations and you will not stand in my way Senhor, no one will stand in my way...not anymore.
  14. *Senhor chuckles

    I've gotten you so frazzled that you're repeating what I've said. Way to be original Kid. I was never under your wing. You had a group that needed a Superstar, you knew I was the best thing going and had to have me on your side. With me as the face of dX, it became the greatest group of all time. Look at the state of it since I've left. There's been more members in MOD than in FTJs rear end.

    You couldn't be more right about your statement about dying. What you fail to realize is that I'd rather die in this ring tonight than to lose to you again. I'm willing to put EVERYTHING on the line. Blood, sweat, tears, whatever it takes. I don't think you have that in you Kid. Your name describes it perfectly, you are nothing but a Kid. In the words of my former nemesis, you're time is up, my time is now. Your legacy will be what you've always been, a glorified loser. Tonight Im going to make you regret coming out of retirement for the third or fourth time.

    Finally, I'm not fake at all. I used to be fake, pretending to care what everyone thinks of what I do in this ring. I'm finally honest enough with myself too realize that this is the real me. I'm here to look after what's mine! The fake one is you. Wen you're in that hospital with those broken bones, you think little Timmy in the front row gives a shit? You think he stays home from baseball practice crying, feeling bad for you? Hell no he doesn't! You know who does? Your mama! That's right I've met her, she's a great lady and you're breaking her heart Kid. Heed my advice, this isn't going to end well for you. I chomping at the bit, I can't wait to mangle you, I'm frothing at the mouth.

    Deep inside I still have the tiniest speck of respect left for you due to our history. As a result of me liking your mom, I might not take your life in this ring tonight. However, be forewarned, you will not escape.......


    *Senhor drops his mic and attacks Kid

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