Eric Bischoff Discusses TNA's Creative Direction, Reality TV Concepts and More

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  1. Eric Bischoff spoke with Ministry of Slam about a variety of TNA related topics.

    I 100% agree with what he said about Gutcheck and being live.
  2. Glad he's not coming back on screen.

    AS for his points, definitely agree with the live show and gutcheck, and it's good to see there's a possibility of UK getting a PPV since there is a large support for it here (mainly because it's free to watch). Our fans are fucking awesome too.
  3. Put yourself over, of course.:dawg:

    Instead of once a year, they should go to UK 3 times a year, it'd be 3 times better year for TNA.
  4. Hulk Hogan style :hogan:
  5. I knew you were a fan of his, and just kayfabing each and every one of us. Yoo silly you. :hogan: