Eric Bischoff's Connection with @TheAcesAnd8s

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  1. Hilarious, but intriguing video, since we don't know if it's really Eric or he's just filling in for someone:

  2. Pretty obvious it's Bischoff then. And it's lol funny how Hogan sounds in this video.
  3. That's clearly Bischoff. :otunga:
  4. Apparently Bischoff did that part to keep people guessing. He is apparently done with on screen work according to an interview.
  5. Yeah, just because he played a part once doesn't mean they'll go with him once they reveal the character, keeping the fans guessing by doing stuff like that is nice.
  6. I also think it was a fill in for someone who actually will play their leader down the line. Some still believe it'll be Eric in the end, but I doubt. #TeamOptimism

    As much as I liked him on-screen and he was one of my favorite characters (massively underrated by IWC) through the years, I don't think this is the time or place for him to come back on TV.
  7. Lol'd at "where's Parks!"