Eric Bischoff's ECW Funera

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Captain of Peepulation, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. [video=youtube]hthttp:emoji_confused:/[/video]

    Three wrestling genuises in the same ring. Paul is the best i can say :smug1:
  2. Heyman and Easy E in the same ring... :obama:
  3. Vince > Heyman >> Bischoff
  4. Thisss.
  5. Very nice moment.
  6. So, You're a Vince McMahon guy.
  7. :testify: >>> The World.
  8. I love all 3.
  9. Vince at most, say it :vince:
  10. You are weird.
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  11. Well normal. Because for most of Europeans, Americans are weird, for most of Americans, Europeans are weird.:pity:
  12. Not really. You are just weird.
  13. What did I do?
  14. You're very european.:pipebomb:
  15. Come on dude

    Come on :pity:


  16. I'm Cesaro :smug:

    Ok I'm weird, so can I get a weird award? :cornette:
  17. Make a proposition to a weird one himself, Crayola.:maybe:
  18. Wonder where they bury programs and how? :hmm: