News Eric Young Good For TNA.

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  1. Thursday's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, featuring Eric Young's World Heavyweight Title victory, drew 1.42 million viewers for a 1.02 rating.

    This was the most-viewed show since February 6th. Impact ranked #23 overall for the night on cable. This week's viewership was up 27% from the previous week.


    Honestly, i marked...
  2. This was a surprising moment that couldn't have affected the ratings. The fervor of Wrestlemania week surely had a lot to do with it... or the return of Dixie, whom the numbers dictate is TNA's biggest draw. Lets see how the show does next week to see if EY winning the belt was a good hook for viewers or not.
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  3. I also marked, but the ratings do go on roller coaster rides, and it's WM week as Rain said, so I'll have to reserve my judgement until next week too.
  4. Eric Young is a great talent, but it sucks he'll start getting those D-Bry comparisons :downer:
  5. As much as I love EY, I don't see him having a long reign. I can already tell it's going to probably be a Chris Sabin esque thing, but if it's not then thank goodness, cause the guy's been there for a decade and finally deserves the world title.
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  6. Totally agree that I do not think EY will have a long title reign. I have a strange feeling Magnus will cash in his re-match at Sacrifice and regain the TNA Heavyweight belt. Something tells me a TNA returnee or current roster member will assist Magnus in regaining the belt, somebody who may not of necessarily assisted him in the past...we will see I guess.
  7. EY is world champ? lol wtf.

    no words
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  8. lmao anyone is better than Magnus. They had him running as top face for sure with an abundance of heels, and then he turned and they killed it. You could have put the title on anyone but Taz and it would have been an upgrade.
  9. You know I'm the last guy to say this, but it's gotta be said.

    This was the most obvious WWE ripoff I've ever seen, and obviously the only reason why it was done. They announce a gauntlet match, EY comes in with an arm injury, wins the gauntlet match, then begs MVP to get his title match tonight. A bearded underdog with an arm injury wrestled twice in one night to overcome the odds and win the World Title in a blaze of glory.

    And yeah, EY is not Daniel Bryan. But Daniel Bryan was obviously built up for his big Wrestlemania Moment. This was just random as fuck, so you can't really look at it any other way. Maybe this retroactively explains the retarded finish to the World Title match at Lockdown and why they randomly stuck Abyss in this storyline. If you want to say EY, the talent, deserves it, feel free. That's fine, but this was just so random...

    This may lead to a Joe heel turn thanks to MVP playing favorites, but I'd absolutely be on Joe's side in that.

    The worst part of all of this is what it did for Magnus. He was so terribly buried by this CHAMPIONSHIP REIGN that I legitimately wonder if he can recover from this. They've got their work cut out for them if they even want to bother trying.
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    I don't agree with everything the dude wrote, but he's gotta point in some things though.
  11. People shocked at ratings? When Mankind beat Rock for the title, boost in ratings. People love to see the loveable loser characters (EY/Mankind) win the big belt. Not surprised it boosted ratings, I want them to keep those ratings
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    I do like Will's articles quite a bit over there, will read this and then edit this post, but first:

    Really the only reason you can call this a Daniel Bryan knockoff was because that's really the only conceivable reason they did this. There's tons of differences between DB and EY and if they would have built up EY to this spot at least a little bit (even with Sabin they gave him a big win in a great match over Aries) the Bryan comparisons would hopefully go away. Right now, I don't really see another reason. But elsewhere in the IWC people do seem to be defending this move, which is good. EY the talent does deserve a nice "thank you" reign.

    Post-read edit: Don't agree with his points on Bryan at all, but when he said this "tore the formulaic script out the window" I suppose you can make that point. Lol at the stuff TNA rips off, a lot of them (on both sides) are just characters/storylines that have been done forever
  13. One thing I like that he wrote and is true is that EY IS an underdog. Bryan is not. He elaborated it perfectly.
  14. In kayfabe, yes. And while he was dead-on about Bryan being an underdog because of a storyline the fans made up... that's kinda the point. We all bitch and have our fears about how WWE operates, and they took those fears and made a storyline out of them that the audience bought, hook, line, and sinker.

    I'll say this about Eric Young, though. Just because the WIN reminded me of DB doesn't mean his whole title reign is ruined. Lets sit back and see where this goes.
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  15. You've probably already seen this - every Eric Young singles match over the last 2 years. lmao.
  16. Maybe so, but I don't understand how the article you posted means anything in relation to this. Clearly Snowman's point was the booking was almost identical to how Bryan was booked in his blaze of glory. Snowman's point isn't that EY has a beard and won the title...

    Regardless of the IWC's sudden interest and fandom of Eric Young, I think it's an absolute embarrassment that he is the company champion at the moment.
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  17. I think personally the issue is the lack of build for him. He was shoved into that position, which DB was built for a solid 8+ months.
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  18. You're all just jealous because you can't grow a beard.
  19. Remember the good times

  20. Agreed.
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