Erick Rowan vs. Cesaro: WWE Superstars, December 25, 2014

Discussion in 'WWE Feed' started by WWE News Bot, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Cesaro keeps getting buried. That's just fucking great.

    Clueless imbeciles.
  2. Starting with this, I'm sigging a "Consecutive Cesaro Losses" counter in my sig. Last week's Superstars broke a 26 match losing streak, think he can break that?
  3. Of course he can.

    He hasn't connected with the crowd, according to Vince. Hey, let's just bury the guy.
  4. Wow didn't even think that was the count.. Just goes to show you how someone can get a big push and then all of the sudden go into the trenches almost buried.
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