Espn's best XI in the CL

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Feb 15, 2013.


  2. I agree with it pretty much. Cazorla hasn't been as good as Iniesta though and the left-back shouldn't be there, but I think it has to be one from each team right?
  3. Yes.

    "In truth, this is probably the weakest position in this list. Who do you include -- Fabio Coentrao at the expense of Cristiano Ronaldo? Patrice Evra and leave out Robin van Persie? Nacho Monreal would have been a contender had he remained at Malaga, but Fuchs is a good all-around fullback -- he mixes physicality with a commitment to attack, and he possesses a fine left foot that features prominently on set pieces, as well as crosses from open play."
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