Storyline Established As A Team

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  1. *The scene opens up backstage, in the locker room of Joey Bryant and Frie. Both of them still in ring gear from their Slammy match with Dat Kid on the pre-show and are sitting on chairs next to each other, watching something on TV. Joey breaks the silence.*

    "Man, well we won. Pretty solid too. Didn't expect it honestly."

    *Frie nods his head*

    "I mean I've said this time and time again now but it was a risk to start this team up but it seems after we took down "God", it seems people are finally starting to take note. Hell, maybe something good can come out of this. God was almost able to suck me in to his tactics but we fought out of it, and honestly I'm not sure either of us could have beaten him one on one... yet. Now I know the way he works, I know how he will do absolutely anything to get into his opponents head so next time I'm staring in his eyes, whether it be in the ring or somewhere else, I'll know not to believe a word he says. Feels good to win again."

    *Joey stands up and grabs a beer from a cooler and sits back down and opens it and takes a sip. He taps Frie on the arm.*

    "By the way bro, I was meaning to tell you this before the match we had but didn't want to throw you off guard, but I'm entering the Royal Rumble match."

    *He smiles as Frie gives him a look of confusion.*

    "And I plan on winning it."
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  2. *Frie is looking at Joey like Batman to the Joker.*

    Well, I do agree that we have marked our territory as a team here in IWT. I mean, we beat one the best in the business, Joey. Your doubts have been turned around. And I'm glad about it. Hell, we even made #4 on the power rankings! Yeah! We're doing good for only a few weeks here.

    *Frie stops all emotions.*

    But, there is one thing, Joey. I was gonna tell you earlier that....... I am also entering the Rumble.

    *Joey and Frie stare at each other.*

    And I also plan..... to win.
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  3. *Joey stands up and begins flipping tables and kicking chairs. He takes a piece of pizza off a table and throws it against a wall. He picks up his beer and chugs it before getting right up to Frie.*

    "Well gosh darnit, Frie, looks like we got ourselves in an ol' mexican standoff! I should have told you before, I should have warned you previously that I was going to win the rumble but nope I thought it'd be a good idea to wait. I don't want to have to throw you over the ropes, Frie boy."

    *He pauses and thinks for a moment. He pats Frie on the chest and stands about 1/2 meter away from him.*

    "But maybe bro, maybe we can work together in this one. Maybe there is a way where it could get down to the two of us and we could brawl it out just for fun, with the winner getting their secured spot at a title shot. The other, well we'll let future Frie and Joey deal with that dilemma, but right now, I guess we have to prepare ourselves for the Rumble. Whatever number I come in and whatever you come in is no matter, in the end we're both fighting for the same thing. To quote the GREAT Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first... you're last."

    *He smiles at Frie*

    "I should probably call FTJ to clean up this mess, I heard he's taking bookings anywhere."
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  4. Hehehe...... That sounds good, Joey. Afterwards, no matter who wins, we'll grab some pizza, some beer, and watch a marathon of Talladega Nights, baby!

    *Joey and Frie brofist and leave.*
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  5. Kaizer: GOD DAMN IT! 1/2 A FUCKING METER!
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  6. The Datcolytes suddenly burst into Joey & Frie's locker room, just before Joey and Frie walk out of the locker room! They line themselves up against the wall as the concubines enter the locker room, throwing flower pedals around. Dat Kid enters the locker room. Dat Kid's footsteps can be heard echoing in the hallway. He enters the locker room with a glide in his step. Kid looks stops and looks at the locker room, disgusted with the mess on the floor. Then he looks over at Joey and Frie.


    I wouldn't be. Barely beating a man in a handicap match, when you're trying to prove yourselves as a capable tag team is hardly a victory, in fact it's a loss. Which proves my point...

    Dat Kid points his cane at Frie.

    That man is making you weaker with each passing second. Now before we go through the same old song and dance, I wanted to congratulate you on your victory. Regardless of how much it took for you to get that win, you go it. So congratulations Mr.'ve won.

    Dat Kid extends his hand to Joey Bryant, completely ignoring Frie.
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  7. *Joey looks at Dat Kid's hand, then back at Frie. Frie gives him a look like "Don't do it." but Joey looks back at Dat Kid's hand and shakes it. He gets in his face.*

    "I'm shaking your hand because of what you've done, not because of what you're doing. I respect you Kid, and as much as Frie hates to admit it, he does too. I'm a little sick of you ignoring him though, Frie is one of the next breakout stars this year and I stand by that."

    *He releases his hand but still looks into his eyes.*

    "I respect how you helped me along behind the scenes in my rise here, I respect your past accolades, but this... this! I almost became one of your datcolytes. I'm not sure what path you would have driven me on, I was unsure if you wanted to kill my career or change it for the better, but either way I'm glad I can make my own decision. Frie and I have proven we're solid together, and I've already proven I'm solid on my own. I'll prove that again at the Rumble. But Kid, what do you really want right now? There's no way you're here just to congratulate me. You bring back the Cure, you get screwed over when facing FTJ and for some reason I just feel like there's always a bigger goal in your mind at all times. In that match I can say I almost wanted to lay down and give you that win, but that's just not how Joey Bryant is built. I gave you my all, and I believe Frie did too. So... that leaves us here. You going to say anything else?..... Anything...?"
  8. You should know me by now, I make a lot of moves, but all of them are filled with purpose. The Royal Rumble isn't too far from now and there are odds that even god can not defy. I can beat half the roster without breaking a sweat and coincidentally enough I'm marked over the halfway point at #17. I made a promise to you and your friend, a promise that I would help you both ascend to greatness in the IWT and I plan to do so, whether you want my help or not. God never goes back on his word. With that being said, if you can survive the rumble long enough to see me, I will personally make sure that YOU are the winner of the Royal Rumble as long as you watch my back in the Royal Rumble.

    You do that for me and when it comes down to us as the final two men, I will walk right over the top rope. Unlike your partner over here, who would probably toss you out the moment you turn your back. I know a leech when I see one.

    Dat Kid turns away and walks out of the locker room.

    You don't have to tell me your answer. Just keep that in mind when I see you in the ring. Kid shouts from the hallway.

    Dat Kid's followers clear out of the locker room.
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  9. *Joey stands there, just glaring at the empty doorway from which Dat Kid left. He can sense Frie staring at him.*

    "What... don't act like I'm the bad guy here."

    *Joey finally snaps out of it and turns around and leans his hand against the wall.*

    "Frie, when I climbed my way to the top man I never expected these kind of decisions. Guess I was a bit unprepared. Winning the rumble is the only thing on my mind and if I can take any opportunity to win it, I'll take it. Don't worry, I'm not turning around on you. I'm not giving up on this yet. But at the same time I want to keep my momentum going and win that Rumble. When i signed up here honestly one of my dreams was working with guys like Dat Kid, this is my shot. I worked with the best of the best already, Farooq, Aids, and now the guy who I never wanted to take down but wanted to work with. Unfortunately, I don't buy into many gimmicks, most of the reason I didn't join him previously. Don't know, man. We'll see where this goes. I still got you watching my back don't worry about that. But..."

    *He looks at Frie.*

    "Every man for himself, right bro?"

    *He pats him on the shoulder before walking out the door.*
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  10. I gotta get outta here.

    *Frie walks out of the locker room*