OOC Euro belt single elimination tourney

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    Ok, creative is thinking we have an 8 man, single elimination tournament to crown a new euro champ (or IC if you'd like to change it back I suppose). The big stipulation for joining that I would like to impose is that if you have EVER had a singles title in the past already - you are not elegible to enter this tournament. I think we should have enough people for that.

    I'm in since I have never won a singles title yet, so we need 7 more. Reply if you'd like to be in it. First come first serve basis.

    1. Trip in the Head
    2. Majour (Rita)
    3. Indy
    4. Tumbas
    5. Butters!
    6. RedDwarfTechy
    7. Tsar
    8. TheArabHammer
  2. I'm in
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  3. Big Guy, in. :happy:
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  4. Wait, could I just cash in my rematch clause on the winner of the tourney and be a dick?
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  5. I dunno, have to take it up with creative. @Gav the Champ! - @Delik - etc
  6. Wait, I thought Jono was out of creative...huh.

    Nevermind then.
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  7. Bring it!
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  8. He's still there
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  9. I'm in!
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  10. I wouldn't be against it btw
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  11. 2 more spots guys
  12. Don't you have a belt now???

    JK JK, I'll put you down
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  13. If I lose I'm going to make the FTW Asian title, just an fyi.
  14. I'm in
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  15. damn that is a good line up, probably getting knocked out (literally) in round 1 but it shall be fun XD
  16. You've never won a singles title? I'm surprised you haven't yet lol
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  17. I was the WHC, but I can't say that I won it.:jeritroll:
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