European Championship Press Conference

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  1. *The press have packed into the IWT HQ Conference room A*​
    Announcer 1: Welcome everybody this is the press conference to decide on the future of the championship with our new No.1 Contender and his briefcase which he can cash in at any time.​
    Announcer 2: Yes we are live in IWT HQ on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and!​
    Announcer 1: Now your Michael Cole moment is over we now head over to the conference!​
    *Hawk's music hits and he walks out and sits down*​

  2. *joins in conference room*
  3. *Hawk puts his feet on the table and lays back*​
    Hawk: Now where is this so called "champion"?​
  4. *joins conference*
  5. *turns to Adam*

    I believe you called us all here for a reason. How about we get this show on the road.
  6. I was looking at the cashing in thread, Brit, why would you do that? You know we're going to have a MITB PPV coming soon. :tough:
  7. :willis: He is cashing it in before MITB so don't worry about tit! :angry:
  8. *starts stomping foot & looks at clock*

  9. Nope. You just killed the realism of this business. Good work. :mad2:
  10. *slaps Christian in the face*
  11. *Christian isn't even in the conference, so Britta is ashley drunk!? :pipebomb:*
  12. *Britanica is high on catnip*

    *Storms out of the room to go to her office*

    *Sees Christian STILL sitting on her office chair*

    *slaps Christian in the face*
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  13. *Hawk puts his briefcase on the table*​
    Hawk: Im cashing in my contract, We are here to announce that and negotiate the date, place and stipulation of the match.​
  14. Sackfist: Well then Junior tell us when you want your match and yadda yadda yadda,
  15. *Rolls in a crowd on a wagon*

    Say it with me guys! Boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! Booooooring!
  16. Hawk: Its gonna be in my home town and a ladder match!
  17. *Walks in with a trash can full of Kendo Sticks, and wearing a leather jacket*
    A ladder match? This guy walks in with a case getting a match against the European Champion? Alright. But let everyone know this. I'm still right here, and I will get a rematch with whoever wins.

  18. Hawk: Security take that idiot away. Listen idiot this is a press conference for MY match, Your either drop that shit and sit down like a good little pussy or I beat the shit out of you!​
  19. Just saying bro, no need to get your MITB panties in a bunch.

  20. *Hawk gets up from his chair*​
    You want to get up here and prove it asswipe!​