European Championship

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  1. Monday, April 1st

    All seeking to hold the European Championship, @Baraa @FailFaceFTW & @Rodrigo will battle it out in a triple threat match! This will be a straight up match, 2 promos each. Rodrigo will be accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner @geekgoddess who will be in his corner for support.


    Shoot some pre-WM promos dudes @Baraa @FailFaceFTW
  2. I've got a fatal four way match with @Baraa and @FailFaceFTW, I'll watch this for sure.
  3. I would like to be crown as the new European champion. This way,I will not waste my precious time on this two guys.One of them,who calls himself Fail,doesnt even reach 100 posts and the other one who calls himself @Baraa, but his life is a fail,hasnt showed up in a few days.Im clearly bringing the gold home so why dont we finish this now and you give me the title?This way my beloved partner Victoria and me will have more time to destroy the canadian team
  4. You count skills by posting and you need your little buddy to help you? That's sad. Keep everyone from wasting their time by sticking with titles that require you to have back-up, As I watch you squirm after I defeat you for this title, I'll see you fall again against Team Canada later.
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  5. First of all , my tag team partner Victoria would destroy you without even gettin into the ring.But here its only me ,and buddy,I'm gonna kick your ass so hard that you would never visit this forum again.
    But I'm giving you two a last opportunity for going home,lock yourselves in your rooms and watch me via satellite.
    You will not waste your insignificant time and more important..I would waste my time.
  6. isn't that cute? Wanting me to watch via satellite so you don't get your ass handed to you. That's sweet. Looks like you're gonna waste your time when you lose to me on April 1st. But make sure not to cry in the corner for too long, otherwise you'll miss another ass kicking from Team Canada later.
  7. I could beat you anytime..We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.And both of you have work really hard.You claim the European championship is yours?You are not even European therefore you dont deserve to hold it.Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid.
    So I can figure out how hard have been your lifes.
    Get over it,if you ever step in the ring and Im around,make sure you know where to buy wheelchairs,
  8. Don't call us ignorant when you don't even have the basic grasp of spelling and grammar. How can you even cut a promo when you can't even spell it correctly?
  9. You certainly have my support my friend. I'm certain that you will display how much better you are from your opponents.

    As for you @FailFaceBTW you're extremely insignificant. How many people actually know who you are? My tag team partner is distinguished and has great experience around here. I think it's fairly impossible for you to have what it takes to keep up with an eloquent, formidable talent like my tag team partner. Once you need to be carted out of the ring after the animalistic side of my tag team partner has beaten you within an inch of your life, you're going to feel like your attempt at winning a title was one of the stupidest things you've ever done.
  10. I'm going to lose because I'm insignificant? Tisk tisk tisk.... That's like saying Paris Hilton has more talent than unknown stars, it's just a false statement. And maybe I should just watch via satellite, it would make sure you partner isn't carried out on a stretcher after I beat her within a "centimeter" of her life.
  11. You're advised to watch your mouth. You already have a target on your back with Rodrigo and now you just got on my bad side. With me at ringside during your match, you better hope nothing bad happens to you. We wouldn't want that now, would we?

    If you want to start a feud with me after your match with Rodrigo than I would be more than happy to oblige. There's a reason why I'm the only female wrestler in IWT that can successfully fight against male and female wrestlers and win.

    But first things first, don't get distracted from your match against Rodrigo. Whatever possible talent you do have (which I'm not sure you have any) will need to be directed towards your opponents. And even then you still won't have enough. I'll deal with you later.
  12. :obama: Your soon to be champion will be watching this match for sure.
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  13. I never said you could advise anything now did I? And as I see it, I suggest you don't do anything during our match, because I have no problem slamming your head into the mat after our match.

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    Dat Kayfabe
  14. *A new theme song plays as Baraa finally makes his long awaited return to a huge pop from the crowd*

    *Baraa grabs the mic, cries in emotion, leaves the ring*

  15. Here you have people an example of a moron cutting a promo. ^^

    See you today/Tomorrow
  16. Obviously I don't care about your threats and attempts at looking like a tough guy since I don't buy it. Maybe your tough guy routine will work on one of your opponents because I find your attempt to be a huge joke. Have fun embarrassing yourself against seasoned veterans in the IWT.
  17. Look at these lame asses shoot promos for the title i built. What was once one of the greatest titles in the IWT has now been reduced as to a child's toy by these Joe Nobodies & Sam What's its faces. Seeing this terrible mic work from all of you makes me happy that I chose to stay in the back, god forbid I had to waste my talents in the ring with rookies like you, that would have been dreadful. Baraa will beat you all and hopefully you'll pick some new careers because none of you can cut it here.
  18. inb4 you give Rodrigo a good luck kiss and cost him the match in eight seconds
  19. Good luck on that.