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  1. Carson the interviewer is standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

    Carson: Ladies and gentlemen, one half of the IWT tag team champions and the European Champion. Midas!

    Midas comes back out to the ring, this time only bringing the European title with him. He strides to the ring, gets handed a microphone and gets in and stands next to Carson.

    Carson: Thanks for joining us Mr. Midas.

    Midas: You're welcome Carson.

    Carson: On the premiere of the King's Court you mentioned not only the tag team tournament, but the "European Invitational". Care to elaborate on that?

    Midas: Certainly. I am a firm believer that I am not only the greatest champion in the IWT, but the greatest worker period. That whatever match I am in, no matter the position it has on the card, is the main event. And as the greatest wrestler in the world: It is my duty to push the boundaries. I hear how the fans clamor for something new, and also how the boys and girls in the back hunger for challenges, challenges that they usually wouldn't get. They feel that the wheels aren't spinning fast enough on this machine, that we aren't what we used to be. Well surprise surprise numbskulls, wrestling isn't what it used to be period. And that's why we need innovators that do something new.

    Carson: And that would be the invitational?

    Midas: A small part of it. I have taken it upon myself to help shake things up, re-write the landscape so to speak. People talk about how guys like Aids, Dat Kid, Senhor and even FTJ built this house. Well I am the guy putting the time and money into renovating it. I have no problem with trying new stuff, so I laid down the gauntlet. One day i will face off with B.Dazzle again for this belt, and Chris Kaizer still has his rematch, but there's no use looking back when you should look ahead. And that's why I laid down the European Invitational, to look and move forward.

    At Survivor Series, I've got two tickets to a three way dance to hand out. The first two IWT contracted wrestlers to step in the ring that night will earn a spot in a triple threat match for my European Championship. Will they win? I dunno, not likely but I dunno. I hate counting anyone out. I might have put my own foot in the bear trap with this invitational but I am confident in my abilities and my tenacity. I'm a survivor, so it's only fitting that this goes down at Survivor Series.

    Carson: Any words to your possible challengers?

    Midas: Don't bring vespas to the drag strip, don't bring water guns to the shooting range, and don't throw a Chihuahua into the dog fighting pen. Come at me with everything you've got. You want something new, you want something exciting? Prove to me that you are worth it.

    Carson: Thank you Mr. Midas.

    Midas: My pleasure.
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