European Tie Breaker - Winner : Mr. Sackfist

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Who Won?

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  1. Mr. Sackfist

  2. FailFaceFTW

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    European Championship Tie Breaker
    2 promos each - Begin when you are ready - Tag me when all 4 promos are up & I will open a 24 hour poll.

  2. I'll start then

    Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    So it looks like we finally get to give the people the match they actually want to see, oh I am sorry, it looks like I finally get to give the people the European Championship match because FailFaceFTW is like a ghost round these parts, appearing only when talked about, but otherwise invisible. FailFaceFTW you have prolonged your defeat, predictions are the easy way out of a match, and unlike you, I like a challenge, so I hope that you can deliver these promos, that is if you don't disappear beforehand.

    You have done nothing with that title but parade it around but haven't been in action at all. You want to be champion, you then have to be willing to put the time in here, it seems we have another FTJ here. "me wantee title but me no want to fight" Well Junior that isn't how things work around here so I hope all the time you spent away from this section, you have been attending some promo school otherwise you might as well drop the title here and head on your way because you are an undeserving champion

    So Champion get out here say what you got to say, then give me my belt

  3. *Comes out with a Kendo Stick wearing the European Championship with a leather jacket*

    That's all you have to say? Really. The same old shit that everyone uses against me. I have no posts, and I'm not active. Ooh, I'm shaking in my boots. That's so intimidating I might have to drop my Kendo Stick and walk out. But no dude, that isn't how I roll, and that isn't how another champion such as yourself should act. How did I win this title? I showed up to a match, and just as a little bonus, I was the second out of 3 to cut a promo. And what happened? I walked out of that match your IWT European Champion. So dude, I have no idea what you think you can use against me that actually matters, but from what I see, you've dropped your quality in just 1 match. In that number #1 contenders match, you gave it from what I see, your best. But now, this is just ridiculously pathetic. You beat NanoRah for that Cruiserweight Title without a fight, but I'll be glad to give you a reality check in the world of IWT, one that you won't forget.
  4. My quality is lacking? Well my quality FailFace is enough to beat two world champions, to quote Wesley Gibson in the ending of the movie wanted " What the fuck have you done lately?" You have been sitting on your ass doing nothing at all, nothing for this section. I rag on your inactivity because guess what sunshine it counts here. People don't want to see a lazy champion who shows up only at a PPV and contributes no posts because he wants a prediction match, the match that is the easy way out. The reason you pick it is simple, I am too damn good for you to take on in a promo battle, so you take the Gohan way out, for shame.

    I beat NanoRah for the title you see on my shoulder without a fight? That just proves your so stupidly inactive, Let me refresh your memory junior, I beat him 5-2 for the title, get your freaking facts straight European Champion, because I am winning that title, & I am going to do something you haven't done, I am going a PPV! Oh my gosh really? Yeah FailFace I know that is freaking voodoo to you, but here on IWT that is what we do.

    So for your last promo, I ask you one question, either get active or get lost.
  5. Once again, you repeat a point that has already been made, and to no avail. Comparing me to Gohan? I'm not banned from this section, and better yet, I'm holding a title that you aren't going to take from me ever in your life. I've never had a chance to defend the title outside of a PPV, so you know what? I'll have a little surprise for you after I win this match today. But against me being inactive? It's called have a life outside of the internet? Have you heard of it? Apparently not, because you keep ripping on me for it. And hell, I'll get more active, to say I couldn't would be a lie, but sure, I'll take some advice for once. But as for you taking this title, you have no chance at all today, tomorrow, or any day that you live on this planet. And that's what's up.

    Britanica Put up the poll.
  6. sure can! give me one sec.
  7. lol tie on a tie breaker
  8. Whoever hasn't voted please do and break this tie.
  9. Congrats new champ!