Storyline European Title Tournament - Round 1 match ups

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. These will be the match ups in the tournament. We haven't hashed out when the matches will take place yet but we want the tournament final to be at WM. So here goes:

    Round 1
    Trip vs @Butters!

    @Majour vs @Indy


    @Tsar vs @RedDwarfTechy

    @TheArabHammer vs @Tumbas

    Round 2
    Winner of Trip/butters vs Winner of Majour/indy
    Winner of Arab/Tumbas vs Winner of Tsar/reddwarfTechy

    Sound good? We want to spread the matches out so keep in mind when a time would be good for you and let your opponent and us in creative know so we can work out the match ups. Thanks.
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  2. Skype me the dates if you could Trip as well. Apparently my memory is getting worse and worse
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  3. Don't blame your memory, it's the tequila and sake that is to blame.
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  4. This is gonna be awesome! some really good rivalries in there! I'm good any day @Tsar is, got loads of free time because i'm on vacation for a month or so.
  5. I'm free anyday.
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  6. Sunday to Thursday are my best days
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  7. C'mon guys - @Majour and @Indy - have you two got together to find out whens good for you? You want your match at Uprising or will you guys do it on your own?

    @TheArabHammer and @Tumbas - same questions.

    I've already spoken with tsar and RDT.

    We need to organize the Uprising card so please get in touch with your opponent, figure it out and let us know so we can plan it out.

    @Gav the Champ! and @Delik - fyi
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  8. Sorting it.
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  9. Wanted mine today, no reply yet.
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  10. Sure can - watch this - @Gav the Champ! - done. :troll:

    Any certain day that works best for you and @Indy ?
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  11. Sunday to Thursday are my best days, not sure about @Indy though.
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