Evan Bourne returns to the ring

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. At last nights NXT live event. Wrestling Sammy Sane.
  2. Good news.It could be a great addition to the tag team division
  3. Sweet!! I wonder who they will pair him up with?? Maybe Kofi again?? Maybe Justin Gabriel??? I can't think who else they could team him with.
    He could get a US title push against Cesaro but who know??
  4. Evan Bourne Returns To WWE - Junked by Crayo

  5. Evan Bourne Returns To WWE

    I think its already posted.


  6. Evan Bourne Returns To WWE - Junked by Crayo

    Junked by a staff member.
  7. Evaaaaaaaaaan. I like him, sad that he likes getting high haha. :)) But yeah, hope he's back FOR A LONGER TIME. :))
  8. I would like either him or Kidd returning heel and setting a feud between them.Even a triple threat bewteen Kidd ,Gabriel and Bourne.With two of them as heels or two faces
  9. Great to know Bourne's back.
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