Evander Amos' Debut & Open Challenge

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  1. 0:40 Standing 6'8", Evander walks out in a full black suit. He takes a look at the crowd and he keeps moving to the ring, unshaped by the amount of people in the arena. The crowd is quiet, some decide to go to bathroom. Evander politely asks for a mic and receives one, he steps into the ring.

    All eyes are on me right now cause I stand here in your house as an intruder, an unknown, an outsider and that's cool. None of you know who I am, but I will soon become the man you HAVE to know, starting tonight. So where I come from you gotta take the biggest dog in the yard out if you want respect. So the reason I'm out here right now is to do just that.

    So I know I saw a lot of bad motherfuckers back there, or at least people pretending to be. So if you think you're the man of this house, come on out cause I'm taking everything tonight! Let's go.

    Evander tosses the mic to the side and holds his hands up to entrance, motioning for someone to come through.
  2. whats Shaq doing in IWT
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