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  1. Evander Amos was at the Marquee in NY last night, when we cornered him while he was threatening some bouncer. We tried asking him some questions but he ignored us before, knocking the bouncer out and leaving the club. We kept up with Evander as he ran away. Here's the footage:

    Evander runs with his hoody up in the middle of the night in the city.

    Reporter: Why did you punch that bouncer in the face?
    Evander: What bouncer?
    Reporter: We saw you punch him in the face Evander, why'd you do that?

    Evander ignores the question and runs faster.

    Reporter: How's it feel to lose in the first round of the tournament?
    Evander: Probably the same way your mother felt when you came out.
    Reporter: That's not very nice
    Evander: I'm not a nice kid.
    Reporter: You're an asshole.

    Evander smiles and continues running

    Reporter: I hope you get arrested

    Evander stops running and starts walking towards the reporter, who beackpedals as fast as he can. Evander turns back around.

    Evander: Why? So I can beat the charges and then beat your ass for asking stupid questions?

    The reporter follows again, but keeping his distance.

    Reporter: What do you think about Aids Johnson?
    Evander: Not much to think about, he's a little bitch.
    Reporter: So you think you're going to beat him at Summerslam?
    Evander: I already have.
    Reporter: I don't think you will.
    Evander: You don't have to, but when he night's over and you're gonna pretty damn stupid on this video.

    A bus pulls up and Evander gets on the bus, before riding off. Police pass by just as the bus is taking off. Evander goes unseen.
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  2. Footage was leaked.
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