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    Evander Amos across from Mexico's #1 announcer, El Nino De Mexico in a studio. A steaming plate of tacos sitting on the table.

    El Nino
    : I sit across from a man who has appeared out of thin air and was granted an IC Title Shot just a few days ago. Little is known about you, so I want to give the IWT fans a chance to get to know you and perhaps you can say a few things to the people.

    The camera cuts to Evander who has his mouth stuffed with a taco, He holds his hand up to El Nino as he finishes chewing. There is a brief moment of chewing, El Nino looks at the hard cam and before he can say something-

    Amos: *cough* sorry about that, listen El Nino, I grew up a fan of IWT. I come from bad neighborhood, but I never let that affect who I am as a person. I'm not here acting like a damn fool because I came here for change. I'm not here to save IWT, rule IWT, destroy IWT, but I would be lying if I said I didn't come here to be the best, because the truth is...I don't know if you noticed there has only been one black IWT Champion, ever! I want to change that.

    El Nino: You are of course talking about Dat Kid, a man who if I recall you saying you did not want to follow in his footsteps, but you must see the similarities in your goals.

    Amos: The goal is the same, but i don't follow in his footsteps. Dat Kid got the IWT Championship because Aids left and any other time he had a shot, he lost. When he lost instead of asking for a rematch he ran away, got rusty, and he had to rely on stables like The People of Tomorrow, The Church, and The Sovreignty to keep himself afloat, not me. I'm doing this on my own.

    El Nino: Now you bring el jefe, Aids Johnson. You challenged him to a match. Dat Kid's lontime rival-

    Amos: Listen, no disrespect but this has nothing to do with him-

    Amos rips off his mic and leaves the interview
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  2. OOC: For people who wonder who the hell El Nino is and what he is about, I have to do it. For the rest of us, imo he is the GOAT character to e-fed with, no fucking sarcasm whatsoever. I just laughed solid through this.