Eve taking time of from WWE

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    Lol whats that about a divas division? :otunga:

    Source Diva dirt
  2. Amazing yet again how WWE get superstars on main stream shows.
  3. ALI FTW. I was wondering why i didn't have to see Eve pretend to have an opinion, she's much better showing off physique, and by that i mean T&A
  4. I want Eve back on my screen, she's so beautiful.
  5. Fuck me what is going on Bellas leave, Kelly Kelly leaves now Eve. The divas division is officially dead
  6. Didn't I see this on an episode of a crime drama. About military crimes??? It had models in it..




  7. Goodbye whores, hopefully Beth Natalya get a fued where you'll hear cheers instead of jeers during the match. WWE should stop being hotornot.com and get back to people who can wrestle, unless you aren't into women being respected for being good, instead of being looked at as t&a.
  8. Difference here BLFFL (CBA to write out your full name sorry). Eve didn't leave the company which KK has all but officially done as she has no scheduled return date. Eve has been sanctioned by WWE to appear on the show as a way to get PR. Eve will be back by the season finale at the latest unless she gets eliminated. With Kelly we don't know if she is coming back or when. With Eve we at least know she is guaranteed to come back.
  9. ...and both of them will be greeted by boos and hopeful nipple slips.
  10. :win::win::win: snd get rid of that fucking fart gimmick for Natalya
  11. That thing is long gone. She tweens now it seems. Being a douchebag nice diva,
  12. :win::win::win: sounds like my sister. Now give her the title
  13. black guy looks like


    Michal Jordan
  14. That's actually pretty good. This will give room for Divas who can wrestle, instead of... Eve and Kelly.