Eve Torres Discussion Thread (News, pics, twitter stuffs, matches, etc.)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Ill start it off also no nudes

  2. We're not meant to be opening more of these discussion threads, so don't be surprised if it get's closed.
  3. Ah i dident know they can close it NP
  4. Yeah, I think Crayo said there is been too many of them been created, lol.. Although it's Eve and Eve is gorgeous :cry:
  5. why do people pick such low profile people to discuss lol.

    where's the D-Bry and CM punk disucssion thread?
  6. Eve isn't low profile :cry:
  7. Eve who?
  8. I thought those threads were prohibited.
  9. They are, I'm surprised this one has lasted this long.
  10. notsure if retarded or just ignorant. PM hannah/gramar/heather if you want to chat about guys in wwe and trade pics there, please and thank you.
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