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  1. This sounds like pure idiocy from WWE if true. If they tie him to a contract, why did they need to rush it?
  2. According to sources, it was made clear to Cena and Lesnar that their feud would be a one-match program. Officials felt that Lesnar could leave at any time and they needed their top guy getting the win first time out to make sure that it happened.

    Why does Cena need to go over anyone? Brock should make people, not be used as that kind of attraction.
  3. Completely agreed. I'm unsure why WWE think Cena needs it... if anything, Cena is above the title now. He doesn't need to look credible, it's John Cena. He should be used for the big dream draw matches now. Develop other stars to draw WITH Cena. If Cena lost to Brock, but went to face Undertaker at this years WM, his loss would mean nothing.
  4. Exactly, you nailed it perfectly. Liked too. /thread

    F'ing WWE politics.
  5. If Brock cares about the money then why not become a movie star like Rock and make 100 million+ instead of 5 million a year? I guess fighting is only only talent.
  6. Do you honestly see him play anything except burly stupid bodyguard type roles? The appeal of Rock as a actor was his charisma and skills on the microphone. Guy knew how too talk and act. Whilst Brock has about as much charisma and acting skills as a boulder. Brock is made for Wrestling where he can let his physique and skills in ring do his talking for him and have a manager. That and MMA.
  7. Why? Cena doesn't need a win over anyone, he needs to be beat to put people closer to his position. Lesnar also should be used to to that, put people over, but those who need it, not Cena. I'll laugh at WWE's demise if one day they don't have any star power.
  8. I see Lesnars contract negotiations infront of me.

    Vince: So Brock...You realise Cena will have to win at ER right?

    Brock: I have no problem with that.

    Vince: Huh?

    Brock: As long as you guys pay me I do not care about titles and such. I'll even put younger people over if you want.

    Triple H:......I don't get it......:bury:
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  9. This is WWE being stupid
  10. They were stupid to even have this match, I still maintain Brock should work at least a long Summer program with Punk, have Brock cost Punk the title to Jericho at ER. That leads to Punk / Brock and Jericho / Bryan. D-Bry gets his tweener turn and dream matches against Jericho and Punk gets solidified as a tough bastard by even hanging with Brock.
  11. What the fuck. Man they should've build Cena and Lesnar for Summerslam!


    I'd take that over triple h and lesnar anyday!
  12. :lol1::lol1:
  13. WWE is so goddamn.... ugh

    go fuck yourselves
  14. Lance Storm wrote an interesting article up on his website defending Brock's loss and how he would possibly book Brock Lesnar for the next year:

  15. Liked.
  16. Lance who?:mj:
  17. :troll1:
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