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  1. To cut a long story short, one of the charities I work for is struggling to secure it's long-term future. I've spent 4 years dragging it into the 21st century with a website, social networking etc and now the final part has been done. It's been accepted onto Paypal/Ebay Charities :yes:

    If anyone is feeling generous and charitable or just wants to do something good :dawg: , Click on the link below and maybe, possibly, perhaps you might donating a few quid/dollars/yen?


    The link tells you all about the charity as well.

    Thanks guys =)
  2. If you can translate what $20.00 US would be in that god awful euro, i'd be happy to donate lol. I just went through this with Crayo too.
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  3. I should just auto convert =)
  4. You mean pounds? Lol.

    $20 = £13.10
  5. Alright, I think i've figured out the whole pay pal deal. If I have any problems i'll PM you, but it's saying 20 GBP so far. I'll just go with that :obama:
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  6. Thank you!
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  7. Awesome stuff Acailler. When I'm paid in a week or two I'll certainly donate. I have the page bookmarked.
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  8. @"Big Hoss Rambler" - you're rich :lol1:
  9. >giving money to Jews