"everything in the UK >>> anything in America"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. -jonathan

    seriously this kid will praise the UK for anything and bash the US for everything. get a grip on reality breh
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  2. Brilliant thread, 10/10 to the OP for this work of art

    Good to see I'm up in your jimmies enough for you to make a thread.
  3. Haha... he said jimmies. :lol1:

    Say dat in 'Merica and you'd be shot. :tough:
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  4. America >>>>>>>>>>>> UK any day bro
  5. Anywhere > UK
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  6. Uk is gay.
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  7. We have better village idiots. Jonathan is a prime example.
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  8. Also god save the queen, a true bad bitch with a ghetto bootay.
  9. Says the guy who has American porn.
  10. Jonathan is the type of retard that if he got diabetes he'd be like 'you are just jealous you don't have diabetes'
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  11. Awesome
  12. Alright, you two just need to settle this inside the cell...the hell in a cell, bro
  13. Why not Bro in a Cell?
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  14. I like the way you think, bro. Consider yourself hired for head of creative, bro
  15. :yay: Did I mention I was there live when the Bromans won their tag team titles :gusta:
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  16. I guess I should say when he gets diabetes, not if.
  17. Bro! You serious? I'm jealous. You are definitely hired. I give you 100% creative control.
    Diabetes isn't a laughing matter, bro. I have family that has diabetes, and it ain't pretty. SO :finger:
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  18. dude my favorite comic of all time died of diabetes, I don't take that shit lightly.
  19. alright alright, my apologies bromandude. I know how ya feel on that subject. Sorry, just a touchy subject for the hoff