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  1. Note: Caleb Konley, one half of of the DGUSA tag champs was originally supposed to face Gargano for the freedom gate belt on 36 and defend the tag belts on 37 with Nese, but has had to pull out due to injury. Replacement matches will be made as per the gospel of Gabe.

    Also: So Cal Val is debuting in Evolve this weekend, she will be a manager.

    Source: WWNLive Alerts
  2. Sweet! I'll be watching.
  3. Interested in the card for 37 more however they both look pretty legit.. I'd say personally the match I'm most hyped for would be Drew & Ricochet.
  4. Cool. I have to catch other Evolves first, these seem fine.
  5. I bet Trevor Lee wins his matches via small package.
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  7. ^ I don't think you get what exclusively means Bryan.
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    Yeah, that might not have been the right word to use and that's what you get when the 'E starts shoving 'exclusively on WWENetwork' down your throat for so long. lol
  9. Good. I'm catching up on Evolve, still have 34 and 35 to go through but I'll definitely watch this.
  10. So, they're really sticking with that WWN name, smh.
  11. Just done watching Evolve 36. It was really, really good!

    - Johnny Gargano vs Shane Strickland was so damn good. I really liked everything they did, there were a lot of cool spots they did. Plus, it was a really good showing for Strickland, there was a lot of good offense against Gargano during the match and he got the crowd rooting for him. But still, I'm glad Gargano retained the title via Gargano Escape.

    - Trevor Lee vs. Biff Busick was another damn good match. In the beginning, it was more submission based, but then they brought in some intense, stiff stuff. Especially Biff Busick.

    - The Bravados vs AR Fox & Uhaa Nation was just an uber-good, entertaining tag team match. I enjoyed every bit of it.

    - Ricochet vs Timothy Thatcher was decent, I kinda expected more out of it.

    - Anthony Nese vs Rich Swann in a 10 Minute Flash match was alright for what it was.

    - Drew Galloway vs Roderick Strong was brutal. Too bad it ended the way it did.
  12. I bet Rico/Thatcher's gonna be be my MOTN.
  13. I see no reason for Gabe to bring in Strickland. He's a poorer version of Swann in every aspect.
  14. I just download the shows. Easier to watch anywhere even without internet and no buffering what so ever. I still use WW for other things like catching up on RAW and Network shows, though.
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  15. I haven't seen him in over a year, but Shane is his own guy, there's very little of Swann inside him, he was really good in CZW. Ironically, the rivalry against Swann is what made him.
  16. I'll give him a few shows to win me over. But at 36 and at previous Evolve shows I've seen him he was almost all flips. Not to mention calling himself "Swerve", the nerve of him
  17. So far I've only seen Uhaa's tag match and it was solid.
  18. Don't know, man. I honestly liked Gargano/Strickland and Lee/Busick better.

    But to each his own.
  19. Just finished watching Evolve 37. Well, it was a good little show.

    - Anthony Nese vs Shane Strickland was a decent match for what it was.

    - Timothy Thatcher vs Roderick Strong was a bit slow, but still pretty fine.

    - Trevor Lee vs AR Fox was turning out to be a fucking good match, too bad it ended in match stoppage.

    - Biff Busick vs Uhaa Nation was good! I always like watching these two compete.

    - EVOLVE Championship Match: Drew Galloway vs Ricochet was just great, loved it! MOTN for me, easily.

    - Ronin (Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann & Chuck Taylor) vs The Bravados & Moose was a really solid, fun match. Just good stuff all the way through.
  20. Caught both events today after work. I enjoyed both of them.

    A few notes:

    I was shocked by the amount of people in the Orpheum for 36. The venue on camera doesn't look like it holds that many people but once Drew and Roddy went out of the ring there was actually a decent amount of people seated in the venue. The Winter park venue looks cooler with the bleachers and if it could be filled up with a bit more people will also look good on camera. But that's something for Evolve to work on long term.

    Content wise. Both shows delivered. 36 felt like more of the kickstart show and 37 was a vehicle to set up some big matches for Mania weekend, but both nights delivered.
    The best matches in my mind from 36 was Drew vs Roddy (I could watch those two pummel each other to shit anytime), Ricochet vs Thatcher and Busick vs Lee. And the best matches from 37 was Busick vs Uhaa, Drew vs Ricochet and Thatcher vs Strong. The Ronin reunion was also a good one, especially if you were around during the original Ronin run.

    Other notes from the events: Galloway is a stud. As long as Gabe has access to him he should build Evolve around him. He's big, charismatic, athletic and he is on fire. Evolve and ICW seem like his two main focuses right now and I hope it continues, because he has done a lot of good for Evolve so far. Easily the best world champ in Evolve history(well, the only world champion). It was also fun to see how much the Ronin boys have grown over the years. They started out as comedy undercard guys and are now the cocks of the walk so to speak. Now all I need is the PAB back at full force and I'll be happy.

    Definitely a good start to 2015 for Evolve.