Storyline Evolved And Return

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  1. *The Video starts with a shot of a mirror and reflection in a dark room where a lone light flickers. Its walls and floors are metal and the echo of footsteps and water dripping are the only sounds that can be heard. The Camera focuses the shot in the mirror with a depth of field effect covering a door that blows opens and a silhouette of a man is standing in the frame.The man walks to the mirror and as he comes into focus it is shown to be Chris Young wearing a tattered basic black suit and shirt with red stains on it. He stops at the mirror and turns on the sink faucet.The sound of Chris coughing is heard and blood lands in the sink and he wipes the fog off the mirror and he stares into it. The sounds of his past matches play ending with an echo of when he was injured and as the bit is played he moves his hair to show a “scar” on his face.After about 15 seconds he punches the mirror breaking it and Chris walks away with a smile on his face and as he walks to the door the screen flashes to an IWT arena.*

    *Chris Young walks out on stage dressed now in a clean version of his suit and holding a microphone and with a smile on his face. He takes his time walking to the ring and standing in the middle of the apron. Then he climbs to the top rope and stares out to the crowd before jumping down and running the ropes. He stops in the middle of the ring and looks around one more time.*

    Chris: Did you miss me? *Mixed reaction from the crowd* Ok some of you did some of you did not. That’s fine *Laughs* I missed this ring, it was like I had this pain I could not get rid of. I felt my skin hitting the mat and I could feel my skull being driven into this canvas over and over again and all I was doing was sitting at home watching the matches of the women of my life and overseeing the training of my sister. I sat at home and did everything I was told to do.
    I’m not suffering any more than before besides the pain of not being in this ring like a man of war this 20x20 is my battlefield and…

    *Chris Looks around and takes a deep breath and walks around the ring touching the ropes and he goes to rest in the corner.*

    War...war has changed and so has IWT. This place has so many new faces, some I know some I don’t and it’s amazing to be here again. I keep coming and being dragged back into wrestling and now with over a decade under my belt this is in my blood and that blood is spilled all over the world. I came here to show one more place why I wrestle and I keep coming to shows no matter the company and no matter where it is or who runs it I wrestle for me and everyone who watches. No matter the match I fight and no matter the risk I fight and I swear to god I will bleed to show why I’m amazing and why I go out each and every night!

    *Chris’ eyes suddenly pop wide open and he turns his head to the stage and slowly turns back to the crowd in front of him.*

    We have the likes of Louie Aldo, Ivy Hale, Tyson Storm, the new blood.The battle is evolving and you need to adapt or perish. Guys like Reagan Cole perished and guys like me evolve and get better. I sold out arenas everywhere and now I’m sitting at home over some garbage and the only way I could feed my lust to be inside this ring was coming out here and show everyone one head injury will not keep me down. Chris Young will not die and I will make damn sure everyone knows that fact!

    *Chris Rolls out of the ring and pulls out a wooden katana from under the ring and walks to the stage with the sword over his shoulder as he faces the ring both Lilith Young and Ashley Young join him from the back*

    Chris: IWT I will not quit or give up as I am just too amazing to lose.
    My time is now as I can see through the pain - a hollow cut in my veins.
    From ashes of sin, I rise into this war. I have evolved.
    Now will “It” make a comeback... stay tuned to find out.

    *The Youngs leave the arena after Chris leaves the wooden katana on the stage.*
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