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  1. Extreme Warfare Revenge is a wrestling simulation in which you book shows for any wrestling organization, book rivalries, set champions, earn money deal with worker relationships go to war, sign talent and well, you get an inside scoop of the booking scene of wrestling. Of coarse most of you guys here know that but the ones that don't the download link is below, along with roster updates and mods;

    So what this is, is you can talk about your federation and you can tell us whats going on and you can ask questions and stuff of that nature
  2. Am I supposed to download 4.2?
  3. yeah, thats the easiest one to use
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  4. You must have all the files in one place in order for the program to work.

    You download to update or mod depending on the file it may have to be un-zipped, you extract the DATA file and replace the old DATA file.
  5. My EWR Situation....

    WWF World Champion: Owen Hart (Won WrestleMania 13 from Brian Pillman)
    WWF IC Champion: Shawn Michaels (Won WrestleMania 13 from Chris Jericho)
    WWF Television Champion: Marc Mero (Won WrestleMania 13 from Shane Douglas)
    WWF Tag Team Champions: Vader and Sycho Sid (Won Superstars from Bodydonnas)

    Most Over Heel: Bret Hart
    Most Over Face: Brian Pillman
    Most Over Rookie: Rhino

    Injured: Yokozuna (Out For 10 Months originally 15 months), Undertaker (Out For 13 Months originally 15)

    Championship Rivalries: Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock, Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin vs Bret Hart, Vader vs Marc Mero

    Started: May 1996
    Date Now: April 1996

    Most Successful PPV: WrestleMania 13 (March 1997) 89% Overall Rating, Main Event: Brian Pillman (C) vs (RR Winner) Owen Hart
    Least Successful PPV: In Your House: Golden Chance (September 1996) 71% Overall Rating, Main Event: Shawn Michaels (C) vs Goldust

    Stables: Camp Cornette, Members: James E. Cornette (LEADER) Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Sycho Sid, Vader, Jim Neidhart. (FORMER MEMBERS) Steve Austin, British Bulldog, Brian Pillman, Yokozuna.

    Promotions Bought: ECW, NWAOSR, JCW.

    At War with.....WCW

    Mod: May 1996

    TV Schedule: RAW IS WAR, WWF on FOX, Superstars: 11 Years

    Upcoming PPV: In Your House: Ground 0
  6. We have a BTB Section, no need for one thread on everyones.

  7. PM Forrest, he will get you a free version of TEW 2013 much more in depth and better game, made by the same guy.
  8. What's a BTB section?
  9. Be The Booker.
  10. Thanks, i'll see if i can find it. and while in the EWR section, Do you play?
  11. Not now I have TEW.
  12. Oh, i liked TEW 2005 until the debt level rose since all my top stars went to bigger promotions, thats when i found out EWR has actual wrestlers and i changed.
  13. TEW has actual wrestlers.
  14. Like Michaels and HHH and those guys?
  15. Yes
  16. WOW, So TEW 2013 has them! WOW, i think i'm going to PM Forrest now, haha
  17. it's like EWR you can DL them. they have fake wrestlers by default
  18. i think you add them in different not sure
  19. All i know is the people that make the MODs for EWR ruin the thing with poor research.

    Sable and Marc Mero didn't hate eachother in 1996
    Sable and Stephanie didn't dislike each other in 1996
    It' pretty much that which slows my progress for good workers, Shane Douglas came in and i had to release 123 Kidd (how i spell it in EWR) and 2 months later after being fired from WCW for drug problems he went to ECW which i bought! it's kinda funny
  20. the website i linked has real life mods for TEW and updates/mods for EWR including the only site to have downloads for EWD and EW originals