*EXCLUSIVE* News On The Russo-Prichard TNA Power Struggle

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  1. [size=xx-small]Exclusive credits too: SEScoops.com[/size]

    Fucking win. I hate Vince Russo with a passion.
  2. Russo isn't bad providing he has a filter. He has about 2 good ideas for every 20 he thinks of.
  3. Someone should make some videos backstage. It's better than their product.
  4. Not an exclusive?
  5. This is excluse to SEScoops, it's their own insider who told them about this.
    This isn't the same story as before.
  6. Not an exclusive to this site though. It's an exclusive there, it's just news here.
  7. It's exclusive news because it's not on here and no-one knows about it :emoji_slight_smile:
    Okay then, breaking news :cry:
  8. WWE, please sign him. Yeah, I said it.

    TNA was several things during his time... but two things it never was was boring and predictable. When anyone's theme music hit, you had some sort of reaction to that wrestler (even if it was rage that some past-his-prime dope like Sting, Nash, or Hogan was on your TV). But Styles, Joe, Anderson, Pope, Abyss, and anyone else relevant had an actual character that the fans could identify with the wrestler. This is exactly what WWE needs right now, as long as he has a filter and can just give ideas to someone else instead of having everything goes to him.

    The guy knows something about wrestling. WWE, Please pick him up as a "creative consultant" or whatever you call them. (inb4igetflamed)
  9. That is actually a really good point. Him being in the WWE with Vince over seeing his work could provide some excellence. The problem is when he's left alone. Then stuff like Goldberg's heel turn happen.
  10. No way should WWE sign Russo.
    You obviously never saw the state of WWE when he was there.

    Russo wanted to go with a different angle to Austin 3:16 until McMahon took back power of the scripts etc.
    Imagine if there was no Austin 3:16.
  11. Hence why it's Russo with a filter also where did you hear he wasn't in support of the idea? I've seen an extract from his book which showed it was Russo who was in support of the idea for Austin 3:16 not Vince. It's not the best source but it's a source.

  12. Any source?

    I wouldn't mind him back, any crazy crap he comes out with can beat Miz vs Jerry Lawler for the WWE championship.
  13. It was on Solomonster Sounds Off Podcast, SESCoops.com :emoji_slight_smile:

    Believe me, Vince Russo with a censor is like having a competition with 1 person. None of his ideas would be used, thus wasted money.

    I can guarantee Vince Russo will not be hired again by WWE, at least while Vince McMahon runs the company.
  14. :angry:
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  15. He was responsible for the Attitude Era.
  16. Not solely. He played a major part but Vince and the talent itself were also responsible directly, with Paul Heyman playing a huge part indirectly.
  17. Without him though, would there of been one?
  18. Probably Vince wanted a change in direction so borrowed alot of ECW's principals. It wouldn't have been exactly the same but I could see a similar product being created.
  19. Of course it would. Russo was just a writer, he was putting Vince's and Patterson's ideas on paper, and they were filtering him. Today's people are giving too much credit to Russo in terms of "Attitude Era". It wasn't even that great story telling, it was car-crash TV and fit perfectly with the new wrestling boom period.

    P.S. Fuck Russo.
  20. Wrestling was fine before Russo and it will be fine without Russo

    The more we insist on Russo back in WWE, the more Vince will sh*t on the idea

    Sure, Vince could sign him, but then, like clockwork, he will undermine him

    Russo is about as sensitive as he has ever been. He'll sign with the 'E', then he'll cry foul and be released by the 'E'