Storyline Exiled.

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  1. The camera pans in on an open road in the middle of the night, with the moon providing the majority of the light. At the far left of the view a shadowy figure emerges from the nearby woodland area.

    The figure makes it to his feet and the light reveals that it is Mark Knight, a man who has not been seen since his initial loss within the ranks of the IWT. Beaten, battered, and almost lifeless. Mark follows the edge of the road, clueless as where to go from there.

    The cameras cut to some later feed, Knight still slowly walking the curb. Headlights begin to light his entire body up, the car speeding right behind him. It seemingly goes to pass him, but brakes a little bit down the road.

    The car reverses and stops alongside Mark, the passenger window rolled down. However, you cannot tell who is driving.

    Driver: Excuse me sir, are you okay?

    Mark: I'm fine.

    Driver: What happened?

    Mark: Exiled.

    Driver: Excuse me?

    Mark: I'll spare you the details. Where are you headed?

    Driver: IWT. I assume you are as well, Mark. Get in.

    Mark: So you know who I am, and you're offering to drive me? Suit yourself.

    Mark enters the unknown driver's car, and it speeds off back to the IWT as the camera fades out.
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