Royal Rumble Expectations?

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  1. Are you expecting this RR to be...
    5 : Amazing - Will go down in history
    4 : Good - Will watch again
    3 : Average - Enjoyed, don't need to see it again
    2 : Meh. - Wouldn't have minded missing it
    1 : Horrible - Not worth the money

    What do you expect (1-5) and why?
  2. It will be 3: average.

    Brock/Show and Orton/Cena won't be great matches, but are big ones nonetheless and quite unpredictable. I'd expect AJ to defend against a Total Diva and another filler match to be added like Sandow/Khali or some shit. The Rumble match is always fun and as long as no one ridiculous wins it, it'll be a solid PPV.
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  3. Only thing I'm interested in seeing is the Rumble match itself, and I doubt that will be worth watching twice. I'll check it out most likely but if something popped up I wouldn't be like SORRY CAN'T DO IT RUMBLES ON TONIGHT YO

    so I guess 2 on this Britonnian scale

    also, wtf @ 1 being 'not worth the money'

    who the fuck pays for PPVs anyway?. I could rank my excitement a 5 and it still wouldn't be worth my money.
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  4. LOL'd at the Britonnian scale
    And I sure don't! :woo1:
    But with the Network coming out, for $10 a month, I shall be. :boss1:
    Only because streams suck arse.
  5. Stream quality is ever improving. There is rarely a sporting event (I rarely watch wrestling live anyhow, use watchwrestling for that) that I can't find a pretty damn good free stream link for.
  6. I tend to end up on the ones that freeze the video but the sound keeps going... I likely need better internet though. lol
  7. Probably average nothing special unless something crazy happens like stone cold coming out and screwing cm punk over
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  8. 1: Probably the only match which could get my attention is the RR match, but I can't see it as great at all... Don't know if I'll buy it or not yet...
  9. The last PPV I thought was worth the money going in was MITB 2011, so I suppose 1. They're too expensive.

    Figure this show will be on par with the last 6 PPV's (wtf that was like a Raw we were supposed to t pay for but didn't since it's 2013) + the Rumble match that there's no reason to believe won't be awesome. So 2/5 on your Britanician scale...

    fuck, yours was better. dolph's 1, snow 0
  10. Well aren't you cool
  11. Expecting a solid 4/10
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  12. yea, no shit. you new here?
  13. The Rumble is usually my favorite PPV of the year and the Rumble match itself my favorite match of the year so I'm always excited for it (although the last few have been pretty average... please get Pat Patterson to book one of these things again.) Plus, I'm looking forward to Roman Reigns and Batista both having their periods of dominance and seeing how The Shield manages to function as a whole (if they ever all happen to be in the ring at one time) during the Rumble match.

    Don't mind Lesnar/Show. Seeing Lesnar wrestle (or fight more like) is always a treat, plus I don't expect this match to be bad at all. It'll be an interesting struggle of power and strength between two behemoths that ends with Lesnar going over, most likely by making Big Show scream and tap like a bitch to the Kimura Lock. Looking forward to it. And I know this puts me in the minority, but I don't even mind seeing Orton/Cena again for some reason.
  14. 4/10? I say it'll be a solid B.
  15. 3. Not really big on the Royal Rumble, but still something exciting to watch.
  16. 3 for the whole show

    4 for the RR itself.
  17. 3/5 Probably,
    I just go down to the bar to watch it, there are plenty of places that order the PPV free for their customers..
    If you have a Buffalo Wild Wings they for one do at a lot of their locations.
  18. Just for the matches themselves, it should be quite good. The Rumble match is guaranteed to be good, but the other matches will most likely just be there for filler or to advance storylines. 3/5.
  19. 5. There's always that moment in the RR that makes you love it so much.
  20. I am going with a 3. Big Slow vs Lesner isn't a big deal. Orton vs Cena? SAW IT A MILLION TIMES! Bray vs Daniel should be good but I am almost certain D Bry is losing. The tag match is meh. The only thing I am looking forward to, really, is the RR itself. I am expecting to see some great surprises in it.