Explain to me...

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  1. ...the wonders of becoming a Superstar!

    Side question:

    What does this mean? The asterisks.


    THANK YOU. :emoji_kissing_heart:*
  2. it means the person is hiding their online status but you can see it as you've upgraded
  3. * = person appearing offline.
    Upgraded users can see it though.
  4. Thax, you guize.
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  5. Noobs be thinking they can hide.
  6. We got dem figured out yo.
  7. I wanted the little star by my name :gusta:
  8. Staff should be able to hide then all the rule breakers would be like :lol1: I'm gonna be a bad ass. Leading me to say excellent :burns: before I :pity: them then ban hammer hits causing people to :cry: whilst I say :yes:
  9. Seabs still hasn't gotten over how awesome our smilies are.
  10. Re: RE: Explain to me...

    Need to get a new posting style since my spoilers were copied :sad: words are too mainstream anyway.