Storyline Explainations. [OPEN]

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  1. *While Joe Collins' theme echos around the arena, boos are heard around the arena. Nobody is coming out, so people start to look puzzled and the crowd goes silent while the theme is still playing. Fog machines start spitting out orange and yellow smoke. Nobody is yet to be seen until the fog stops, and there is Joe Collins on one knee in the middle of the stage holding a microphone. He gets onto his feet and starts walking down the ramp. He gets to the end of the ramp and walks around the ring while looking down. He does one full lap, then slowly walks up the ring stairs and turns around while he is on the apron, and looks at the crowd. He gets into the ring and walks to the center of the ring while looking down, then waits for the music to stop. He looks up and around at the arena and looks like he doesn't have a good expression on his face. He starts talking on the microphone.

    Joe Collins: Well, *long pause* I don't know where to start. I admit it, I let myself down. Lee got the better of me. Yeah, I know. So... Hmmmm. I guess I'm with you guys on this one. What's next? What is my future? Well, I guess I'm here to find out. *Makes a thinking face and scratches beard* And I'm not a very patient man! I am here for one reason, and that's to prove myself! Anyone who wants to take me, I'm right here! C'mon! I may have let my guard down against Lee, but that just makes me, *grunts* that, much, better. Crouches down and puts my hand in the air, measuring about two feet from the ground.* And sooner or later, I will be this good. *Stands back up and reaches as high as I can without getting on my toes.* I'm ready now. I have learned from my mistakes. I don't care what any of you all out there in the audience think. IWT Locker Room, I'M READY!
  2. If you two want a match. We can book it for our next event...
  3. Sorry, out on a multi day field trip without any phone source, unless if it was an emergency. But yeah, idc