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  1. *Jacob enters the ring with no theme*

    Since he returned to the IWT I felt he changed and when I offered him another opportunity he kicked me, I want to call him and I want an explanation from him, I don't care if I have to beat the hell up of him because I'll get my explanation, so please, Rodrigo, come here, I want to talk to you face to face, like to men we are, or don't you have what it takes to stand in this ring with me?

    *Jacob waits Rodrigo to appear, he doesn't*

    What's up man? Show some nuts and come to this ring, I considered you a man and I still consider that to you, come here, I won't hurt you if you tell me what I want to know, let's do it by the friendly way, I don't want to hurt you so come here, take a sit and lets speak
  2. *Christian looks on from the back
    Damn, I think this guy has a crush on Rodrigo.
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  3. *Rodrigo is shown via satelite*

    I wont be there tonight. Mainly because I'm tired of your three and well,Britanica has told me not to destroy you....before the match. PG you know.
    I haven't changed at all. I've opened my eyes, you were the guy who didn't let me get to the main event. You cut my wings. I reached the point where I was proud of a midcard title...I mean, the midcard...just lame.
    Now you are just annoying. Let me alone, if you ever call me out again, I will have to beat you down (Once more) I'm just showing the midcarders how we roll, you are all cocky and arrogant. It's time to show you where's your place.
    Our friendship is over, well friendship....I used you. I wanted revenge, I wanted to beat Kid and Victoria. So I needed a partner, and you were the easier to manipulate. You were and are nothing, and you needed someone to carry you over and get some wins. I need someone to help me with my revenge, to be my dog, my slave and you were the chosen one. You did all the dirty job.
    Now you know the truth. Get out of my way until my match. After it, you will get out of my way....forever
  4. Don't worry about getting out of your way, you didn't have the nuts to be out here, facing me like a man just because Brit told you not to do it, just because this is a PG show, people came here to see someone fight, I didn't want to hurt you but this coward act is why in our match I'll beat you so hard you won't be able to say I'm the one who cut your wings because that's not true and you'll know it, you have a world title match but that's it, after you lose your opportunity you'll be what you were before, a jobber who will be fighting to get midcard titles.
    About our friendship, I didn't really care about it if I'm honest, I knew what you were doing with me but you made me win matches because I was your partner, now you're not my partner and I'll start my wining streak by defeating you and the other two guys who can't understand what wrestling means. After I win you and the other two bitches I will be unstoppable and I'll personally get out of your way but you'll want the titles I'll win by defeating the best guys of this company, so even if I don't talk to you in the backstage or wherever you'l have to face me like a man in the ring because the only thing you care about is the gold and I'll be the one you'll have to defeat because even if you like it or not, soon I'll be the new reigning and defending IWT WWE champion or the IWT World Heavyweight Champion, and I'm not only cocky and arrogance, I'm more than that, I'm a wrestler of this company, I'm the best and the one who will defeat you no matter what!