Storyline Exploding the hype train with a pipebomb!

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  1. *Lee is sat on a steel chair in an alley, he is sat behind a table. He is facing the camera he has set up with a bitter smirk plastered upon his face. He has his X-Treme belt around this waist*

    Lee: Remember when Jwab was champ? He faced such 'stars' as Michael and the clearly deteriorated B.Dazzle...

    No offence to those men....but I find it funny how Jwab cruised his way as champ, meanwhile on my FIRST defence I face two men in the same match: A feisty new-comer known as Lariato Lars and Trevor Rayn- Or should I just say "Rayn".

    Now, sure Lariato Lars is debuting and this is the first we'll see from "Rayn", but the exposure given to them already is insane. To a point it's as if I'm not even a part of this match, I'm just here to keep the belt warm.......If ANYONE wants to think I'm out of the picture just because a nitwit puts me in a precarious position then they're mentally diseased.

    VINDICTIVE tactics can be thrown my way by a bitter crybaby but I won't get suckered in! While Lars and Rayn have their lil catfight....

    *Lee stands up from his chair, folds it up and holds it in his hands*


    *Lee proceeds to ferociously hit the table with it.*

    Do what you want and say what you'll be like Survivor Series all over...."Lee's not gotta chance versus Jwab"......"Lee is past his best to be quite honest".....These cynical hate-filled comments don't hold me down....THEY ARE THE THING THAT PUSHES ME TO KEEP GOING!

    *Suddenly, a hooded man emerges attempting to mug Lee, Lee quickly turns around and blasts him so hard with the chair that it creates a heavy dent. Lee throws the chair to the ground with brute force. Lee then walks out of the line of sight of the camera, only to pick up a ladder. Lee grabs the criminal and takes him to the top of the ladder with him. The camera just about has Lee on the top of the ladder on the shot*

    Rayn....Lars....THIS COULD ONE OF YOU!!!

    *Lee lifts the man up and powerbombs him through the table on the top of the ladder. You hear a blood-curdling cry for help as the man is down and severely hurt. Lee unstraps his belt and holds it proudly in the air*

    THIS WILL BE ME AT THE ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!!! While the entire IWT Universe celebrates TWO years of IWT....I'll be celebrating my first SUCCESSFUL defence of *this* belt!

    *Lee puts the belt back around his waist, and climbs down the ladder as the footage fades*​

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