Kayfabe Exploitation of Power

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  1. As Precision returns from a commercial break, The Blade bursts out from the Alice position to much fanfare. The crowd is very vocal in their support for the masked hero. Despite the fans' adulation for him, Blade isn;t playing to the crowd as much as he normally does. With the large task at hand for the night, he doesn't have much time for pandering. Instead, he heads straight for the ring, microphone in hand.

    "Citizens of the world. For the past few weeks, there has been a massive injustice taking place here in the land of WWEF. A certain monarchy has been causing havoc within the hierarchy of this company. That monarchy filled with such cowardice men who only seize opportunities when it's handed to them on a silver platter. Not expecting that was one of the few mistakes The Blade has ever made. No, The Blade pictured Buster Gates being a man and fighting his own battles, but his selfish greed and power hungry mentality led to the current disarray these grounds are in. He now relies on two men who he certainly sees as nothing more than sidekicks to do his bidding for him. And that is what puts The Blade in the position he is in now."

    "Tonight, alongside a man who I respect entirely, Tyson Blade, we are tasked with the challenge of facing two-thirds of the Monarchy. The pseudo leader of this company, Ryan Blake, and the sellout, Andersen Vega. Now, the last thing The Blade expects is any cordialness from either opponent, but why should he? The Monarchy has shown nothing but cowardice and severe exploitation of power since their formation. Are they a group that will be taken lightly? No. All of them currently hold onto a title for a reason. Though, none of them have faced an opponent that's faster than The Blade. They've never faced an opponent who's braver than The Blade...They've never faced an opponent with as much heart as The Blade, and they'll have a rude awakening tonight when the Blade Brothers destroy any remaining pride that they have. And once we're finished with our adversaries tonight, The Blade's sights are set right for Buster Gates.

    Short and sweet, Blade finishes his wording with a direct challenge to the current World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd is chanting "Blade" successively as the hero makes his way backstage, furthering preparation for his match on the evening.

    -End Segment-
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