Storyline Extreme Rules Opener - Sunday Service

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    Dat Kid sits on a throne, slumped over on his hand, while the World Heavyweight Championship sits on his lap to his right is Joey Bryant, who impatiently taps his finger on his own throne. The Datcolytes crowd the church in their seats. A plethora of dominos sit on the floor between the crowd and them

    Dat Kid looks up at the crowd from his slumped position in his seat. He rises and seemingly floats to the podium, overlooking the crowd.

    ...I am home.

    AMEN! Praise be to Kid! Hallelujah!


    The crowd sits silently.

    We are in New Jersey, in my hometown. At a PPV which is based on a match that I made famous and that's just the stuff on the surface. You can hate us all you want, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. Your opinions never won world championships, your opinions never came to the aid of those who fell victim to the end of our boots, and your opinions will most definitely not save you tonight.

    Tonight isn't about you and your opinions, tonight is about acceptance because tonight whether you like it or not, The Church will put an end to critics and blasphemers.

    Tonight IWT doesn't get Extreme, tonight IWT goes straight to hell...

    Dat Kid walks over to the dominos on the floor. Joey Bryant and the two other hooded figures stand up. Dat Kid kicks the first domino, they begin to fall one by one. As they fall we can see that each domino has the face of the IWT roster, once they've all fallen they spell out "Jesus wept"
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  2. The camera shows Chris Kaizer sleeping in the church
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  3. *flying faggot! clapx3 flying faggot!*
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  4. Farooq bursts inside the church. "K." He then leaves with some people following him because they think he's Dat Kid.
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  5. *Ultimate Jwab is seen running around the church*
  6. Camera shuts off before all those jobbers interrupted the segment, trying to get TV time they don't deserve.
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  7. OOC: Nicely done. I like the inclusion of the pyro opening for the show (brought to you by Paper Jamz)