Ezekiel Jackson leaves WWE

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 7, 2014.


    But srsly, I've forgotten he's even been gone and this decision is best for both parties (WWE at least), now just got to see if Dixie is interested..
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  3. This is a complete shocker.

    I thought he'd already left.

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  4. #ThankYouEzekiel
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  5. Well, not surprised, honestly. Yeah, he wasn't talented or entertaining, but it's nice to see him showing love for the business.
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  8. JTG's gimmick: Being signed longer than anybody else without an appearance.
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  9. Gotta commend him for all the time and dedication for staying with WWE just to receive nothing.

    As Lord Ovalhead said, TNA!
  10. Not sure how WWE will replace all this lost charisma.
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  11. This is exactly why WWE is going down the toilet
  12. What a shame and shit like that
  13. I'm so surprised, WWE will never be the same.

    More surprised it took so long and that they never bothered to release him.

  14. Shut the doors Vince its over
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  15. Just as he was getting that push, too.
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  16. I thought BIg Zeke had been released ages ago. No loss I guess Dixie will be desperate enough to sign him
  17. I doubt even TFA is interested in this WWE castoff
  18. I thought he was gone a while ago.
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