Storyline F.E.A.R.

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    *Jacob comes out to a new theme song. He makes his way to the ring as people cheer. He grabs a mic*

    Listen to you guys, you're cheering someone you know nothing about... What are you, robots? If someone is nice, says he or she loves you and gives you a tee or some other shit you could buy and support this company, you just say you love them. Shame on you, guys. You support the company by buying our PPVs and attending to our live shows as tonight, but it's a shame that people on the internet record our PPVs and then upload them to YouTube or other servers so everyone can see the show for free. You know what? By doing that you're leading us to disappear... You guys really want to make this company disappear? I don't think so, if you did want that to happen you wouldn't be here tonight so report every single stream you see if you are a nice person as I am... I guess that's what you want, so if you dislike it, then screw you...

    *Crowd boos as Jacob asks them to stay quiet while yelling "this is who I really am!"*

    Alright, I guess you disliked what I told you... You know what? I don't care. I've found something more important than you and will lead me to the top in a few months. Let me introduce you to F.E.A.R. This is what can lead everyone to the top. I guess you don't know what it is, but I don't care because if I know what this is all about you'll see what this F.E.A.R. means in the future. Will it take me long to show you what this is all about? Of course it won't. In fact, if someone comes right to this very ring and asks me to fight him, I'll show you what F.E.A.R. is all about. Oh, and I guess I'll have to find something to do at IWT's Slammys because I have no opponent, I have nothing, but well, right after I destroy all your heros I'll get back to every single PPV card as I used to be! I overcame my demons and discovered you were the ones who took me down when I was about to get the job done. This is to be my first transmission...

    *"You changed" chants are heard all over the arena but Jacob doesn't give a damn and grabs his phone, opens the recorder app and continues his speech.*

    As I said, this is to be my first transmission. That God does exist, I cannot deny, but I can clearly see by the look in your eyes you are afraid... You are afraid of accepting the truth and that is burning your insides. You should destroy your inner demons as I've already done and come at me. You should forget about what you've already learned and come to my school so you can learn what real life is all about. Instead of believing what they tell you, what if you make a research and find out by your own if that's true or not? Why don't you believe in facts? Why do you believe in some fat non-existing guy called Santa? Come on, live has given us a lot of clues and when we grow up we all get to know who Santa is... Did we need to travel to the North Pole to meet him? NO! Did we got up while he wasn't staring at us? NO! How can a man know when we are sleeping? He can't, I can't even know when I'm sleeping at all... How do we know who Santa really is? Because at least once in our life, we have to face facts whether we like them or not. We know it's a fact that the Earth is just one more planet in this infinite galaxy. Believe in this fact. I am what you've ever wanted to be and I've got what it takes to make my way to the top of this company.

    *Jacob drops the mic but stays in the ring as he said he'd face whoever dares to step into the ring.*
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