FA Cup Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Since it's FA Cup day, let's have a thread for it.
  2. Brighton are slick.
  3. Ba scores on his Chelsea debut
  4. I'll most likely watch your lot getting pumped later.
  5. United on in a sec. Cleverely, Kagawa and Scholes are starting - expecting a LOT of possession. Pretty sure we got 5 defenders starting so we could be playing 5-3-2 with Welback and Hernandez up front.
  6. Wow I expected dominance but Jesus we just aren't letting the ball go, good start. Kagawa is world class.
  7. Speaking of world class - Paul Scholes
  8. Good goal, great finish, don't know who was marking him though lol.
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    Stewart Downing obviously.
  10. Lmao, I'm never going to hear the end of this Downing crap am I? :please:
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    Man U fans sing?
  13. Newcastle for the win.
  14. The West Ham fans seem to think so :hmm:
  15. I really hope this is a revival for J Cole, one of the best players from a technical standpoint we've produced as a country in at least a decade possibly 2 imho.
  16. So pleased for Joe Cole, fucking love that guy. Hope he comes through at West Ham now. That reception he got gave me legit chills, awesome to see.
  17. RVP - Best fucking striker in the world. Hands down. That is PURE class.
  18. Yea I caught the end of that match, it was an excellent goal. Not the best in the world though.
    Also, I think Giggs deserves more credit for that goal with that pass. Most of the United forwards and mids would have finished that.
  19. Who's better? The only striker close at the moment is Falcao and I would definitely say RVP has the edge over him. RVP is better at holding play up and continuously delivers in the bigger games, Falcao seems to be a *score loads in one game* type player, and then more or less be non-existent in the bigger games.

    Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo etc aren't strikers. I'm talking about out and out number 9's.
  20. Rooney IS a striker, he has led the attack plenty of times and eitherway RVP is better than him.

    If anyones close to being as good as RVP i would say its Ibrahimovic.

    Btw, i think Giggs is still the most creative midfielder man utd has got, his through balls are brilliant.
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