Face & Heels

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  2. Pretty decent ratio!

    Looking forward to it =)
  3. I might sound like a goddam retard, but where's the In Character Disscusion? MrSackfist
  4. There isn't one at the moment, I have been busy preparing other things for the Shows, if you would like to, you can make the thread
  5. No, I'll wait till you make one, I was just wondering.
  6. Aids as a face? :robbie:

    Wat a swerve :russo:
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  7. Holy shit i'm face? Good luck helping me with that. :awyeah: From is heel and Aids is face. :pity:
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  8. and you're tweener? :damn: this is interesting already. Aids the face.
  9. Rodrigo and I are tweener
  10. I'm face. It says it there. Guess I can work with that
  11. But why would we be able to pick our persona if then we can't use it...
  12. He's the booker. Deal with it. It might change in the future
  13. AIDS and CrayJLee as faces is just weird haha.
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  14. In a month I wish to be tweener!
  15. And every person in this assumed i would be heel. Just work with what you have to the best of your abilities, Sack has your back.
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  16. Working as a face again :obama: Should be fun
  17. Wait...I wanted to be face...My character really doesn't work as a face....FUCK ALL OF YOU.

    Now I've completed my Heel turn, I'll be happy to play a Heel.

    OR WILL I?

  18. I like that some people are uncomfortable in their roles. You have to work a bit harder and be more creative. It lets your talent really shine through.
  19. Picking Jamie to be on the g-d damn opening show would have also let my talent shine through. FUCK YOU!

    I joke, I love you :D
  20. :okay: