FailFaceFTW vs Adam568

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Who is your winner?

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  1. FailFaceFTW

  2. Adam568

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until 7pm Eastern USA on 26th July and there is NO LIMIT on how many promos you can write in that time.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours and close at 7pm Eastern USA on 27th July.

  2. *Adam stumbles down to the ring*​
    So after I was robbed on my title at Money In The Bank I took my chances and attacked a man who had lost one of his many chances he doesnt deserve at the X-Division championship. Fail has never earned one shot at that title but he was handed them just because he was European champion once after a fluke win and he lost that title almost instantly but he still rides off that fluke win but guess what, No more will you get title shots! You lost your last chance, You will not win your qualifying match, That is your only hope of getting another shot but believe me after tonight you wont even make it to your match, I will make you endure the most unimaginable pain that you will wonder why you even started this in the first place. You cannot beat me, I am too sick a person that you wont be able to comprehend what goes on in my mind, Im too sick a person to just win this match, I will leave you mentally and physically scarred because I really despise you but no no no! I despise everyone, EVeryone in this crowd, everyone watching at home and everyone in the back, You are all ugly wastes of space who avoid the inevitable, You all fear death, Im not a afraid, Nothing makes me afraid,I welcome death with open arms as the first victim, Death entices me. Im just a sick guy and many of you already know that. Im just Adam Hawk.​
    OOC: Wanted to make a short one for the opener.​

  3. *FailFace walks down to the ring wearing a leather jacket and carrying a Kendo Stick. He enters the ring and grabs a mic*

    "And here again, I stand in front of you Adam, face to face, man to man. The things you just said would've never left your mouth if I would have been standing here just a second earlier. And now I'm stuck in a match with you, a cheater who was suspended because he couldn't win a match without using a weapon. You didn't deserve to hold the Tag Team title, and neither did your partner, which I see can bring up some memories. Your partner showed me that he had a modicum of intelligence breaking up with you. And speaking of break, I'll won't need a weapon, to break you into the little whiny bitch you are. You better not be afraid of death, you'd better be afraid of me. And that my friends, is the stone cold truth."
  4. Im not afraid of you Fail. Just like your name says that attempt at intimidation was a fail. Not even just that your whole life is a failure. You hold onto this one fluke title win that much that even your parents are sick of hearing it! What does it feel like? Huh? What does it feel like to be the let down in the family? That one family member who cant and will never accomplish anything? Because I dont know how it feels, I am a former OCW World Champion, Former tag team champion and next X-Division Champion! How does that make you feel? I dont feel anything. I feel nothing because after a life of pain you learn to live with no feeling just for the pain to stop! Thats why I take my anger and frustration out in this ring because I feel nothing! I feel no pain, no love and no happiness! You are all clueless you know that? When yu feel nothing you have a lot of time to think and for 2 weeks I have had to sit and watch as you mindless little pigs just had money to IWT because thats the only you get title shots is when you sell things but not in my case, I get title shots because im just plain good. I am too good, I am too good to be wasting my time on people like you and these people here tonight, This must be some charity event because no one here could afford a ticket to see me, This place is a dump, Fail is a dump and this crowd are a bunch of fat lazy bastards.​
  5. Adam has my vote because he did more promos and his seemed better.
  6. OOC: Shit in my fucking mouth, I misread the thing to where I thought it said promos end at midnight. Fuck.
  7. Thanks man :D
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