Storyline Failure Isn't An Option.

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  1. We open on the outside Darryl K. Memorial Stadium, the site of IWT Mania IV. The camera is focused on the posters for IWT Mania IV still hanging outside of the entrance. From off screen, we see Scott Fargo walk into the shot. He's wearing a standard black t-shirt and pair of blue jeans. Fargo is standing with his back to the camera as he looks over the posters for IWT Mania IV. After giving the posters a quick once over, Fargo turns to face the camera.

    FARGO: Ladies and Gentlemen, behind me you can see the posters for IWT Mania IV. Up on those posters you see all the big names right next to their faces. You got IWT Champion, Aids Johnson. You got IWT Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forte. You got Alias Antonio and Dat Kid. And you got Spawn and Lord Lee. These are some of the top stars in IWT. Well, I'm here today to make a promise. A promise to myself.

    Fargo looks down at the concrete and takes a moment to compose himself. He looks back up with determination in his eyes.

    FARGO: A promise that in one years time, those names I mentioned, those faces on those posters behind me, won't matter. The only name and face on those posters will be mine. The only name and face that will matter will be mine. In a years time, the only wrestler on the roster that you will be talking about is me. And it all starts at IWT Survival. Baron Moreau will be the first man to fall at my feet. I am fully aware how ambitious this sounds and given the amount of talent on the IWT roster, it could be considered damn near impossible to some. But, I made a promise to myself, one I intend to keep no matter what gets in my way. Because when I put my mind to something, when my goal is set, I will do anything and everything I can to see that goal is met. If Moreau wants to rain on my parade, he better bring his absolute best even though it'll be all for naught. Because for me, in the end...

    Fargo smirks.

    FARGO: Failure isn't an option.

    Fade to black.

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