Storyline Fair Warning to the Tournament

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  1. A new theme begins playing on the PA system around the arena amongst flashing lights. The crowd mutters in confusement, but suddenly, the lights begin flashing red and white at 0:49. Michael steps out onto the stage to an ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his wrestling gear, and an IWT t-shirt. His hair is slicked back, his beard is combed out and his red leather pants have wet drops, from his hair, trickling down. He walks down to the ring with no expression on his face. He rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and signals for the music and lights to resume, back to normal.

    Michael: For many years, I was one to bow down to those ahead of me. I was one to bow down to my opponents. I would let them judge and degrade me, and when the match came, I would let their words seep into my brain. I would let their poison infect me. I would let their venom inject itself into my thoughts. But when I reinvented myself, after teaming with Joey Bryant, I realized that I had given so much of my life worrying and investing into blatant lies and slander, and that it was time that I dished out my frustrations, not on myself, but on my opponents. I learned that I must take out the targets, before they can take me out. I was clay to the corrupted minds, and it in-turn, corrupted me. My behavior was the by-product of a troubled view on my own career. I was sick of everyone, and was willing to kill to have my name ingrained in gold.

    Michael looks around at the crowd, who applauds his speech.

    Michael: I learned of my sins, and I thank Joey Bryant, for showcasing to me, that sin isn't the only way to garner notoriety. I learned, from Bryant, that the fans of IWT can show everyone the light. No matter how twisted you are, no matter how insane and sick you are, the IWT fans will lift everyone to the spotlight, if they deserve it. I may or may not, but I will prove through this tag team tournament that I am definitely a contender. That I am definitely a force to be reckoned with. I will gladfully take a beating, but don't expect me to stay on my back. I've changed my ways, but it won't change my fight. It's safe to say that I will bring a harder fight than ever before, and you can bet on that, Ellis and Gav.

    Michael paces around the ring, while rubbing his chin. He stops talking and looks at the hard camera and begins.

    Michael: Ellis Klein and Gav the Chav are Virtue's first victims. Ellis and Gav will learn that when Virtue sets it's sight on a goal, that they will run through anything, whether it be brick walls, or as you two are, road bumps. We're in high gear, and will do any and everything it takes to settle the score. We're taking a stand, and showcasing what we're made of. The tag team titles are one of the few accomplishments that have alluded Joey Bryant and myself. We're spinning the wheel, and are willing to claw and scratch to show that we have the fucking gall. We have what it takes. We have what it is needed.

    Michael's face pulses red, but he takes a breath and his face resumes it's regular color.

    Michael: We will show that we have the passion, the soul and the love for this, to win those titles. Passion has gone astray from IWT, between degenerates in Bullad Club and the fame-hungry IW3, Virtue has been lost. Respect has been lost. Passion has been lost. I'm not here to say that Virtue is here to restore it, but we are damn well leading the search. We're not here to boast that we're dignified, because as it gets down to it, we've done our share of dastardly deeds. But we are here to leave a fucking dent. Leave a mark and show that we've changed. And show that we are more than title hungry, spot-light hungry, fame hungry douchebags. We are the passion in IWT. We are the soul of IWT. We are Virtue.

    Michael drops the microphone and leaves the ring to an ovation.
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  2. Virtue is a dank team name. Great promo.
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