TV Family Guy appreciation thread

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  1. Its about time this board gave the great show some respect. It doenst get all moral, because it doesnt have to, at the end of the day.

    it does what it says on the tin, makes you laugh. it is true to life, lije that episode where brian gets with meg when he is drunk. i think we all have copped off with a ugly lass when drunk, then regretted the next day when the phone calls start.

    just dont think while watching it, and dont be self-rightious. people overthink it. it gets the job done
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  2. Even Stevens > Family guy
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  3. Granted it's nowhere near as good as what it was when it first came out it still lives up to it's original concepts, it has never really strayed away from how the show started off.. and for it to have lasted this long while doing that is pretty solid if you ask me.
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  4. it did,nt have to change lads. it does what it says on the tin, make you laugh.
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  5. I protest against this thread. Family Guy is not something to appreciate, it's something to take an elephant sized black-as-midnight dump on.
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  6. whats wrong with it
  7. It's stupid. VEEERY stupid.
  8. Family Guy is on the lowest of the low scale in quality cartoons. It ripped off so many ideas and ran with it....prompting the rise of a career of a shitty movie/cartoon/tv writer who has done poorly in nearly everything he has done...outside of sales.

    You will never hear family guy without Simpsons and South Park first, no one will ever give a fuck about american dad, and it is really retarded television for the chromosomal impaired. Bobs Burgers will go down in history right next to Family Guy.
  9. If you think that's bad, remember the time I went on a airplane ride with Patrick Stewart?
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  10. Again lads

    It does not have to do anything else. It provides the laughs, and does not get preachy and self-rightious.

    Don't overtjink it
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  11. The show is fucking garbage.
  12. explain why, without over anlysying it
  13. it's dunce humor, no original shit not stolen from South Park or Simpsons. It's a glorified rip off, mediocre.
  14. its not trying to be orginal

    it exists to make people laugh, and it does.

    simple as that
  15. "OMG they're not agreeing with me, they must be over-analyzing".