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    Steven Gallant: Hey, thanks for doing this interview on quick notice. You just shook the wrestling world recently and we're honored that you're here.
    Christian: Glad to be here and I'm happy that I'm once again the World Heavyweight Champion.
    Steven Gallant: Speaking of the World Heavyweight Championship, the world wants to know on why you brought it back?
    Christian: It's simple really. I never lost the World Heavyweight Champion, I never lost it. It got stolen, but I never lost it.
    Steven Gallant: And how does it feel that you are once again on top of the world?
    Christian: Words can't describe it, they can't. It's amazing and I'm telling you right now, that 181 days was nothing. We are in a new era. The Peep Era and it's going to be awesome.
    Steven Gallant: Are you scared that there will be any threats to your championship?
    Christian: Scared? Doubt it. I'm one of the most brutal men to ever step into the squared circle. I will not be defeated and I will carry this Championship till the day I die.
    Steven Gallant: How was it working behind the scenes in IWT?
    Christian: I'll be honest to you right now. The only reason I was there was to bring the World Heavyweight Championship back. I mean, how dare do they retire my championship? And once I had enough power, the rest was easy. But overall, it was a pretty nice experience.
    Steven Gallant: Do you see any upcoming new upcoming stars in the IWT?
    Christian: You know, we have a lot of talented stars within IWT. They all have an equal chance of getting that opportunity, but it's only if they commit to it. If they actually show their potential. There are a ton of guys who can be playing around with the big dogs, but they settle for less.
    Steven Gallant: Thanks for being here Christian.
    Christian: Glad I can be here. Also, IWT's Royal Rumble PPV is two weeks away. We still have tickets available or you can order the PPV and watch it live from home. You can see potentially every superstar on the roster, so look out for it.
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