News Fandango dropping leg drop as his finisher?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 1, 2013.

  1. I can understand why he is dropping it, But the diving leg drop is one of the things that makes his entertaining!
  2. He's been using that move for months before debuting. The top rope leg drop was always just a signature.
  3. Leg drop made me care about Fandango tbh, now that stupid DDT is better than a leg drop... Damn, that makes me lose interest in Fandango...
  4. Hopefully he still breaks out the top rope leg drop every now and then. It would be shit if WWE stopped making him do it altogether.
  5. He dropped it on Khali didn't he this Monday? I think it's just going to serve as a signature/alternate finisher to the flatliner.
  6. Is this the Flatliner?

    Fucking lame move IMO. Moves like this and "Crossroads" look retarded
  7. After he puts his head up for the finisher, there's a guy in the background that pulls out a sign with Bret Hart and 4/10 on it :pity:

    That's my rating for the finisher.
  8. Not a big fan of the Flatliner, would've particularly chosen another move but it'll do, I understand the reasons.