Fandango push?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by madmax123, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. does anyone think fadango needs a push?
  2. off a cliff
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  3. No! No! No! Dolph Ziggler need push.
  4. Oh god no.
  5. Into shark infested waters
  6. If you stop with the dancing bullshit, and telling people who to pronounce his name, sure. He could be a US champ.
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  7. If "Faaaandaangooo" can get a push then Zack Ryder can also. Because everyone already knows that Zack Ryder is a lot better that Fandango. #WWWYKI
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  8. That's his whole gimmick, bro. You can't just take that away.
  9. I think he does
  10. ^ lol this.
  11. For what it's worth, his wrestling ability isn't too bad. But, if we're ever going to take him seriously, he needs to lose the gimmick and work on his mic skills.
  12. He's fine in the lower card. So no. And I like the guy btw.
  13. I'm not huge on Fandango, but I do think a character like him has a good shot at keeping a main roster spot for a decent bit of time.
  14. i wonder what the original plan was for Fandango. He had a huge win last year in wrestlemania and then just slowly declined ever since.
  15. I wonder what would've happened if he never got that concussion in May, where I believe he was supposed to win the IC title.
  16. I wish he became IC Champ a while back instead of Axel. I honestly think they were planning for Axel vs. HHH at an actual PPV but Fandango got a concussion.
  17. he's 1-0 at Wrestlemania!
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  18. him and undertaker both have undefeated records
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