Fans Boo Cena & others

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  1. Most everyone in attendance for last night's WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Madison Square Garden noted that the crowd was very rough at times. Donald Trump and Maria Menounos apparently received the biggest boos of the night. One fan noted that Maria looked like she was going to cry. She went long during her speech for Bob Backlund and was met with "WHAT?" chants.

    When John Cena was shown on the big screen, the crowd booed him out of the building. WWE aired a Make-A-Wish video featuring Cena and even that got a very negative reaction from the crowd.

    :pipebomb: !
  2. They don't know what to do know, a great heel like CM Punk gets cheered and Cena being a face gets booed, the world is ending because the WWE Universe don't know what to do :pipebomb:
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  3. Makes sense.
  4. That's actually pretty stupid. At least Cena is doing something for the children, how many people in that crowd actually do anything for foundations like that? At least lay off Cena when he does that stuff. It's for kids who are very very sick, just let them be excited to meet Cena. As for the other two, ehh don't really care for Donald Trump and his inferior hair to mine. As for Maria, they could lay off her as well, she was just doing a speech. No need to be an ass.
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  5. When smarks gather.
  6. Lmao I love MSG.
  7. Wow, that's sad. Cena has his flaws, but he deserves more respect than that, especially for his charity work. Booing Cena at that moment is the same as booing all those sick kids who love him.

    As for Trump and Maria, the crowd could've at least been polite. Hall of Fame isn't a 'show,' you're not suppose to boo anyone. Especially Maria - she was only doing a speech.

    This is why I don't like New York crowds. These are the same people who chanted 'You still got it!' at the Rock at SS 2011 - bunch of anti-marks without a clue.
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  8. I like how Rocky is brought up in nearly all your posts :dawg: :pity1:
  9. I hate the guy, what can I say?
  10. I respect your honesty :obama:

    Now :gtfo: muh thread

  11. Deth is such a charmer.
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  12. I'm gone, lol.
  13. The fans must be disappointed with them being there, not what they did.

    Usually smarks boo when people use wrestling to promote something and really don't give a shit (see guest hosts), but Trump and Maria seem to be legit wrestling fans. We all know why Cena was booed, and it's not for helping children.
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  15. Honestly, it's MSG, it shouldn't be any different. They're probably booing trump because of how close that segment was to being televised over Foley's, and they're booing Cena for obvious reasons. WWE need to know that he is probably hated louder than he is loved now.
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  16. Trump deserves boos, I have always hated that guy, in AND outside of the WWE.

    However, I have to agree with you on the Cena thing...I HATE seeing Cena, I really do, but he is one of the hardest workers in WWE history, and by hardest workers, I am talking about taking time out of all of his days to tend to the fans that appear to hate him so much. To boo him out of the building? Save that shit for the WWE ring, grow up, be a little more mature, its the WWE hall of fame, lets these people do what they need to do. This is what is wrong with the WWE fans nowadays, they show complete lack of respect for these guys, while they sit on their asses at home, sucking down their pepsi and stuffing their faces with doritos, acting like their any better.

    News flash, liking Punk doesn't make you cool, no, being Punk makes you cool, and only Punk can be Punk.

    However, to the first reply, people have always cheered on certain heels ever since Steve Austin came into play, so its not like the fanbase is lost because of that, no, their lost because of their complete lack of respect for these guys. Yea, its their jobs to get booed if their heels, however, when it comes down to doing charity work, and you boo that just because Cena is on it, really? Come on now..
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  17. Punk is cool? Since when? :tyson:
  18. Bcuz Gohan saiz it. Gawd Deth, do u evn lft?
  19. Does Punk? :pipebomb: !!