News Fans to vote on what ring TNA will use

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  1. I voted 4 sides for the simple fact that it is more lenient on the workers bodies.
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  2. 4. Always thought the 6 sides looked goofy.
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  3. Six.

    Six is winning, I'm pretty sure about it considering it was asked on facebook a while ago, and six sides won big time.

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  4. Well, you know, I guess the benefit of six sides is that it sets TNA apart from the rest. It's something different, and despite there being no practical difference, for someone who's just flipping through channels, casual fans who don't know TNA or something it gets attention. So I'd go with 6 sides here.
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  5. Voted 4 to offset Testify.
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  6. 6 sided bar none.
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  7. Six for sho
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  8. Not officially voting but bringing back the six-sided ring with the current product is like WWE bringing back a cooler full of beers with no Austin. 4 for now, 6 in the future.

    (Leave the memories of the old TNA alone! :please:)
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  9. 6 sides would be a return to the old TNA, more different and unique... but 4 sides makes working for the heavyweights and tag teams easier, I'd say.
  10. Let me break it down.

    TNA has already decided to bring back six sided ring back. This is just a marketing move and a spin to make the fans believe that maybe they've changed something in TNA. The fans changed a lot of stuff in TNA over 12 yrs, but via polls? Almost never. One more clue telling you I'm right is TNA bringing it back where? New York City. All the hype NYC tapings got, plus the return of six sides? It's a classic marketing move.

    So suck on that 4 side lovers. Six sides is coming back home.
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  11. The six-sided ring looked way too gimmicky. So I vote 4. Of all the things TNA could benefit from improving on, what shape the wrestling ring is isn't one of them.
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  12. It's hip to be square
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  13. Okay, i'm seeing some comments here about voting for 4-sides, WTF?! SIX SIDES ALL THE WAY!!! That 's what made TNA so unique back then! If people vote for the 4 i'm gonna have a major meltdown.
  14. Except the six sided ring has a tendency to look goofy. Plus it hurts wrestlers A LOT more than a 4 sided one.
  15. Why is this? I seem to remember back in that era, people were surprised that the high-risk TNA style wasn't leading to as many injuries as were happening in WWE (probably because of the fewer live events, but still) Is there any proof of it?
  16. Six sided rings are stiffer. The way they are built includes more steel sections which makes the ring surface more stiffer, which makes bumping on a six sided ring hurt more than on a four sided.

    Look at luchadors, in Mexico the six sided ring is much more common, and Mexican wrestlers have a tendency to start limping and walking stiffly earlier in their careers than American wrestlers (this is obviously a generalization). Talents like AJ and Daniels have gone out in interviews and said they were happy when TNA switched to 4 sides since it meant less painful bumps, but at the expense of TNA losing a bit of it's identity. A match is also easier to set up in a 4 sided ring since more corners equals more factors for the wrestlers putting the match together.
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  17. I have no preference of which ring they should have. Four sides is good for the wrestlers who are familiar with it, so they can adapt to it easier, which means less botches and they don't have to change much. The six sides though looks pretty cool, and can be good for high flyers, but seems a bit troubling for tag team matches.

    I think they should focus on the product before changing the ring, just my two cents on it though.
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  18. Caps locks "A LOT", insinuating like it's something really dangerous, well it's not. No one has ever left TNA or sued TNA because of the shape of their ring, stop whining lmao. Few wrestlers said 4 sides is better for their body a bit, but even they weren't COMPLAINING. They just said it, and still wrestled in 6 sides like a hundred times. I can guarantee with my head that as long as the pay is on time, NO ONE in TNA roster will say anything to anyone between each other about the ring. It's not like it's barbed wire ropes. It's still a RING, and they're pro wrestlers. It's that simple. Btw, you can have a great wrestling match without hitting the ropes every 20 seconds. I bet wrestlers in TNA know it too!

    Six sides is a big big part of TNA's identity, it sets them apart from everyone else, and even though it might be 'goofy' looking for some really small amount of people, it's easier for casual viewer and basically any wrestling fan who is flipping channels Thursday night to set apart TNA from WWE or anyone else.

    Those saying this is not what TNA should do when trying to be different from WWE, well this might be the beggining of the change people want, who knows. You gotta start somewhere. I believe this is a right first step to bring back the identity that was lost under Hogan & Bischoff regime.

    Now that's my two cents
  19. "A Double" Austin Aries is stirring some shit on twitter again, now revolving around six sided ring

    EC3 is on team Aries too. Stopspot has to be thrilled now, aren't you baby?