Fantasy Wrestling League: Free Agent/Trading Thread

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    Here you shall trade and sign free agents.​
    Team Maximum: 5 People​
    You can release people at ANY time.​
    Adam568: Team sWo: Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, AJ Lee, Big E and Christian​
    @Rodrigo : The Spanish XXX Society: Randy Orton, Bo Dallas, Antonio Cesaro​
    Lacky : Team Lack: Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Alicia Fox​
    NanoRah14 : Team Junk Can: Daniel Bryan, Adrian Neville, Nikki Bella, The Rock, Justin Gabriel​
    DKJames : Resolution: Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Tamina Snuka​
    Brad_96 : Dream Team: Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Brie Bella, Brodus Clay, Sandow​
    B.Dazzle : Team Dazzlers: CM Punk, The Miz, Natalya, Evan Bourne​
    Jedi Master Farooq : Jedi Council Of WWEF: John Cena, Wade Barrett, Kaitlyn​
    death : Team JesusFreaks: Mark Henry, Roman Reigns, Naomi​
    TheBeardedVagina : Team we're awesome people who are so much better at being awesome than Crayo or Aids Johnson also we're hotter than Alkaline and bears: Rob Van Dam (He will get points for indy shows leading up to his return), Dean Ambrose, Aksana, Kane, Big Show​
    Catwoman: Santino, Cameron, Sin Cara and Fandango​
    Free Agents:​
    Alex Riley​
    Antonio Cesaro
    Big E Langston
    Big Show​
    Bo Dallas
    Brodus Clay
    Curt Hawkins​
    Damien Sandow​
    Darren Young​
    David Otunga​
    Evan Bourne​
    Ezekiel Jackson​
    The Not So Great Khali​
    Heath Slater​
    Jack Swagger​
    Jey Uso​
    Jimmy Uso​
    Jinder Mahal​
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston​
    Rey Mysterio​
    The Rock
    Santino Marella​
    Sin Cara
    Ted DiBiase​
    Titus O Neil​
    Tyson Kidd​
    William Regal​
    Yoshi Tatsu​
    Zack Ryder​
  2. Im taking Big E and Christian
  3. I want kane
  4. Bo ftw
  5. I want to have Langston Langston
  6. And cesaro. I trade ryback and Cameron
  7. Already taken
  8. Jericho for AMbrose?
  9. Give me bo and Cesaro.

    I give away fuckin Cameron
  10. I did!
  11. Wyr why did you take away ryback?
  12. :nope: Dean is going to be the MVP this year. Jericho will job like crazy before recording terrible music.
  13. #Conspiracy
  15. death Chris Jericho for Roman Reigns?
  16. I trade. Which means, who want ryback?
  17. Be more clear next time. You still have Ryback
  18. all my favs are taken :sad:

    so... Fandango, Cameron, Santino, Sin Cara
  19. Enjoy Jobbers United lol
  20. Trade is not give away dude.