Storyline Far-Gone, Brother.

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  1. A unfamiliar theme plays, the titantron black, the mini tron black, the crowd waits impatiently. Adam walks out on the stage, the crowd barely reacts. He's shown up so many times with new names its gotten old now. He walks slowly down the ramp, the crowd starts heckling him as he walks. He does not retaliate, he simply smirks and walks up the steps into the ring.

    I’ve come out here a lot of times, I’ve come out here with a lot of different names, To a lot of different gimmicks, For a lot of different matches. I’ve come out here in a mask, I’ve come out here to so many songs I can’t count. I’ve teamed with so many people and everytime I’ve stepped out here and watched that light shine down on me and it was a fix, it was a fix to this addiction and hunger for power and that’s exactly what this is. Standing here in this ring, holding a microphone as it broadcasts to millions is power and that kind of power is dangerous in the hands of the wrong individuals and on many occasions I’ve tried to show you all that to varying amounts of success and the one thing I never did was hold a solo Championship title. I tried, oh boy I tried many times but I was always just that one short little stump away and then I got the humour of coming back here and seeing Scott Fargo on a poster holding an IWT Championship, today I am here to abuse that power because today I’m here to explain my absence and sudden resurgence last month.

    Now you may not know this but backstage, Scott Fargo was a brother to me. We had a Kliq, We had a group. We were brothers in arms and we wouldn’t let anyone touch us. But it didn’t last long, this is a very cut throat business. Everyone is vying for that top stop and that one opportunity and I was just another spoke on the wheel it keeps on going and if one cracks your replaced and that’s exactly what happened. I’ve been stabbed in the back, replaced and left in a ditch to die and it broke me as a person. They were my family, each one of them and they betrayed my trust in them, they replaced me with some punk Rio. You don’t know what that does to a man, it will hurt more than any wound and it will destroy you. I went insane I started wearing masks, listening to shitty rap music, I teamed with Farooq and I even fucking lost to Jonathan. After all that I just disappeared and for two years I watched on the side lines drunk and broken and when he won that title it just set off this rage inside me and I flipped and that leads me to a month ago, I came back and I wanted his head on a pike and he came out and he acted as if he had never seen me in his life and I lost control I tried to attack him and got escorted from the arena but things are different now, I’ve spoken to the general manager and I have a contract now. I can be out here and I stand here as myself. Not under some mask, not under some disguise or another name I am stand here today as me and I can have matches and that’s what I want. I want Scott Fargo out here, face to face at Summerslam. This is my fight, my final mission. Let me finish it.
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  2. If at first you don't succeed. Try, try again.
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  3. IWT security comes in the ring to escort this crazy fan out...
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  4. Please don't interrupt as this is planned out.
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  5. The crowd becomes enraged as the first notes of The Bullad Club's theme song erupts through the building sound system. The crowd become even more hostile as Scott Fargo steps out on the stage with the IWT Universal Champion fastened around his waist holding a microphone in hand. Fargo looks around taking in the reaction and replies with an accomplished smirk. Fargo raises his microphone and goes to speak but shakes his head and stops, opting to walk down to the ring and stand face-to-face with Adam. Fargo walks up the steps and onto the apron, never breaking eye contact. He climbs the nearest corner post and raises a single arm. Fargo then climbs down and stands across from his former "brother". Fargo raises the microphone.

    "You are right about one thing. These people don't know about our "brotherhood". But guess what? Neither do I. Whatever "brotherhood" you have deluded yourself into thinking we shared is nothing but your imagination. Honestly, I know why you like this thought of you and I share some sense of camaraderie. It's because all you have ever heard about me is how talented and how successful I am and you obviously think that you share these same traits and thought this "similarity" would make us best friends forever."

    Fargo smirks at Adam.

    "Now, the last time you attempted this hilarious gimmick of calling me out and pretending that we shared everything when in reality we have shared nothing I told you that I have never seen you before and that I have way bigger fish to fry than to waste my time with you. Statements that both still hold true. I do not remember you and do you see the gold around my waist? It means I'm the champ of the motherfucking Universe."

    The crowd cut Fargo to voice their displeasure; booing loudly.

    "Not sure if you heard but I'm defending this belt at SummerSlam against Chris Kaizer a-"

    The crowd once again interrupts Fargo. This time giving a major pop at the mention of Chris Kaizer. Once the stop cheering, Fargo continues on unphased.

    "And it's a pretty big deal. In fact, in five short months, I have become a pretty big deal. I have multiple Match of the Year nominations, I'm expected to win both Rising Star and Wrestler of the Year and I already am a World Champion. And you have done nothing in your entire existence. You are not worthy to be in this ring. You are not worthy to hear my words."

    Fargo exits the ring and walks up the ramp. He stops midway and turns around.

    "I am feeling a bit generous today so I will give you a match. But not with me."

    Fargo smiles and turns his back. As we see Fargo leave. As he leaves, Rio Nakayama slides in the ring behind Adam with a chair in hand. Rio winds up and smashes Adam across the back, sending the returning competitor to the canvas. Rio follows up with more shots as Fargo strolls backstage.

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    Nakayama stands tall as Adam, laying face down, crawls around on the floor, still reeling from the dozen or more cheap chair shots to his spine. Much like before with his confrontation with Nick, he sets the chair into a sitting position. However, this time he isn't going to speak, Nakayama instead goes over to the microphone that Adam was holding before the attack and kicks it out of the ring. Returning to Adam once more, Nakayama mocks him, crushing his left hand beneath his foot as Adam claws at Nakayama's boot with his free right. Nakayama stomps Adam's hand and moves his foot up. Nakayama stomps Adam's wrist and moves his foot up. Nakayama stomps Adam's shoulder and moves his foot up.

    Now, Nakayama's boot is resting on the back of Adam's neck, his victim is trying to pry it off but the shots with the chair have imobolized him enough for Nakayama to continue the punishment. Once again, Nakayama stomps, this time crushing the back of Adam's neck, causing the defenseless Adam to splutter spit onto the canvas and continue to roll in agony. An official finally comes down to stop the attack but Nakayama won't allow him, he simply grabs the referee by the collar of his shirt and viciously throws him out of the ring, causing him to be sprawled out on the floor below and hopefully detering any other officials from making an attempt to stop Nakayama's fun on the playground.

    In the mean time, Adam has regained some of his composure and crawled to the propped up chair, obviously with the intent to use it but Nakayama's sneak attack has done all the neccessary damage and now like a Hyena who has stolen from a lion, Nakayama can feast on the carcass as much as he likes. Rio helps Adam onto the chair, seating him forward and bending down to look into his eyes. A furious but exhausted Adam tries his best to claw Nakayama's eyes but in retort only gets a ruthless punt to the face, sending him flailing off the chair, clutching a possible broken nose. Rio Nakayama pulls a piece of paper out of his trunks and lets it fall next to Adam before exiting the ring in the same fashion as Scott Fargo. When he is gone we zoom in on the piece of paper to see the message written on it.

    "See you soon."
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  7. Bit of advice, lighten the text pls. I actually want to read.
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